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Making a popular head better

Waratah’s new 624C harvesting head boasts a slew of improvements over an already wildly popular head, including longer delimbing knives for easy deck picking when following a buncher or processing at roadside, and a wide floating front knife to make handling crooked stems easier. With close to 11,000 lb delimbing force and a 75-cm (30 in) maximum delimbing diameter, there’s not a lot of Canadian wood this head can’t handle in a pinch. For simplicity, both the main saw and the 75 cm topping saw run off the same 16-litre filtered reservoir for chain lube. www.waratah.net


Cut, tilt & bunch with Gilbert

The new Gilbert 3022L felling head boasts a 350 degree side tilt system and 21.5 inch front cut capacity for high production felling. The bunching side comes via a 4.53 ft2 accumulating capacity.


Tomorrow’s loggers

Cat Forest Products sponsors the Provider Pals program to bridge the growing gap between rural and urban communities and cultures in North America, so it was only natural that they should provide the common uniform for the 500 Halifax school children that were toured around the DEMO 2008 site by Nova Scotia MNR. By the way, hats off to the teachers, guides, and of course parents. CFI has been to hundreds of forestry shows over the years, and these kids stole the show when it came to good behaviour.


Mulchers galore

Semi mechanized pre-commercial thinning and mulching is a growing side-business for many contractors, something evident by the number of mulchers at DEMO 2008. These included the latest models from Caterpillar, CMI, Lamtrac, PrimeTech, Rayco, RWF-Bron, Tigercat, and Versatrac. For a complete listing, see June/July CFI in our digital magazine archives at


580C harvester steals show at Log Max

The Log Max Forestry site was all new, from the re-born company to the new harvesters and 8WD forwarders and L7000 Xtreme harvester heads. Front and centre was the new C series Eco Log 580C harvester, sporting a Log Max 6000 head. The 275-hp, Mercedes-powered beast offers up to a 11.3-m reach. It of courses offers Eco Log’s pendulum arm suspension system for stability in severe terrain. The 6000 is Log Max’s lightweight, high power head, a 1,300 kg head with a 25-in (63 cm) maximum opening and recommended steady diet range of 6 to 18 inches (15 to 45 cm).


Alliance treads out new woodlot tires
Off-road tire specialist Alliance Tire Co. Ltd. unveiled new tire sizes in its Agro-Forest Series ‘70 line. The 520/70-34 tires are aimed at tractor drive applications in fields and forests, giving private woodlot owners the best of both worlds without having to change inflation pressures between uses. It allows the flotation, high traction, and low soil compaction needed in the field, and also the durability needed in the woods, thanks to a special rubber compound and strong steel breakers. www.alliance.co.il 


November 16, 2011  By  Cheryl Quinn

Waratah’s new 624C harvesting head boasts a slew of improvements over an already wildly popular head

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