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DEMO spotlights new logging equipment

October 13, 2016  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

Thousands of loggers and manufacturers converged in Maple Ridge, B.C., for three days in September for DEMO International 2016, the thirteenth edition of the show, held every four years by the Canadian Woodlands Forum.

The biggest, smallest, strongest and fastest machines were on display from 130 exhibitors, dozens of which featured live equipment demonstrations of harvesters, skidders, mulchers and more. (See our video wrapup)

The Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia hosted the show at the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. A 3.4-kilometre loop road was built around rough, mountainous terrain, which allowed several exhibitors to showcase their steep slope equipment, ideally suited for the west coast market.

Many manufacturers launched their newest machine or attachment models, and some launched products available for the first time in Canada. Operator comfort seemed to be a common thread, with exhibitors touting new lighting, air conditioning and heating systems, larger cabs and windows and more comfortable seating.


Exhibitors featuring demonstrations of their steep slope technologies were a popular stop for show goers, and the steep terrain allowed the machines to be viewed in the environment for which they were designed.

Below is a list of some of the equipment on display at DEMO 2016!

Big-timber harvester
Ponsse introduced its new H8HD harvester head specifically designed for harvesting and processing big timber in challenging conditions. The new head can be installed on the Ponsse bear harvester and on over 20-tonne track-based machines. An Opti automation system means excellent cutting precision and speed. The H8HD is also available with a top saw for processing heavily branched and curved trees. Ponsse’s Eero Lukkarinen also noted at the show that the company is searching for a retailer in B.C. and Alberta. Ponsse’s dealers in the east are A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd., Hydromec, and ReadyQuip.


Swing machines
John Deere launched its new G-series swing machines at DEMO. All four models were at the show: the 3154, 3156G, 3754 and the 3756G. The G-Series swing machines have completely redesigned cabs that aim to increase operator comfort. The larger side-entry cab and the elevated rear-entry climate-controlled cab are more spacious than their predecessors and include fatigue-reducing features, such as excellent window clarity, ergonomic controls and isolation mounting. Floor-mounted windows increase visibility to the tracks to help the operator maneuver. Other improved features target the machine’s fuel efficiency and stability on rough terrain.


Processing head
Log Max Forestry Service Inc. introduced its ProCut 2330 processor at the show. Simply designed for optimal processing of 23-inch diameter timber, the ProCut 2330 has extended front knives that make it easier to handling large timbers and processing operations. Precise high-speed feeding and high traction increases consistency in length measuring. Three drive feed rollers provide high traction to firmly feed the tree through the head. The triple grip also limits slipping, and prevents bark from clogging the measuring wheel.


Harvester guide bar
Oregon’s booth showcased the new Oregon SpeedMax XL .404 Harvester Guide Bar with a 14-tooth replaceable sprocket nose. The new bar has a stronger and wider body, and extended-length sprocket nose that completely covers normal areas of accelerated rail ware, and fits popular harvesting equipment. The retooled 14-tooth nose is now 5.5 inches long (previous model was four inches), and can be replaced several times to increase the life of the bar body. Lubritech keeps the chains and guide bar oiled for less friction.


Seat suspension system
Caterpillar Forest Products’ Cat Advanced Ride Management (Cat ARM) seat suspension system is a semi-active suspension that dampens vibration and minimizes end stop events, significantly improving operator comfort. Semi-active means the suspension can adjust the rate of damping in real time. The suspension senses the suspension motion and adjusts its rate of damping in response to changing ground conditions. Cat ARM automatically applies higher damping in rough ground conditions like those found in clearcut applications and applies lower damping under smoother conditions, such as well kept skid trails. All Cat D Series wheel skidders can accept the new suspension. Cat ARM will be standard on 545D and 555D wheel skidders, and it will be an option for the 525D and 535D models.


Log loader
Weighing approximately 113,500 pounds, and powered by a Tier 4-compliant, 318-horsepower diesel engine, the DX380LL-5 log loader is the first Doosan in this size class. Doosan 360-degree rotating log grapples are commonly paired with the log loader’s live heel to efficiently lift, rotate, move and place logs. The log loader is manufactured with durable boom, arm and heel cylinder guards, and machine guarding to help minimize damage and machine downtime. Its tracks are built with heavy-duty links with double grouser shoes and full-length guiding guards. Top rollers are equipped with special clean-out brackets to make routine maintenance simpler. It comes standard with a 4’ forestry cab riser with all-around visibility, including a standard rearview camera and 7” LCD screen. It comes standard with an auto-shutdown system to help save diesel fuel. A new rear-entry forestry cab is available as an option.


Processing head
The KTI TreeKing processing head from Kaymor offers 18,000 ft.-lb. of hydraulic delimbing force. Any length or diameter can be preprogrammed in its measuring system. It features an indexing plate to make accurate lengths every time while multi stemming; large grab arms designed to firmly hold up to eight stems at once without causing fibre damage; tough delimiting arms; an 18” top saw and a 30” butt saw.


Multi-purpose logger
The Tigercat 880 logger is designed to function in multiple applications including loading, shovel logging and processing.
The 880 can be configured as a loader with various power clam and butt-n-top grapple options. The boom geometry and cab positioning provide excellent right-hand side visibility. Equipped with a live heel boom system, the 880 is a highly capable shovel logger with excellent stability, tractive effort and swing torque. The 880 can also be configured as high capacity processor capable of running large harvesting heads in demanding duty cycles. Some of the many advantages of the 880 over excavator conversions include higher cooling capacity, a better operating environment, stronger undercarriage components and extremely efficient hydraulic circuits. The result is higher production, uptime and fuel efficiency for lower operating cost per tonne.


Horizontal grinder
The DiamondZ DZH4000 is built with a C18 Caterpillar engine and is available in Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4i and Tier 4 final, offering up to 765hp. It delivers production rates up to 120 tons per hour and offers easy transportability, operation and maintenance. It is available in three model options: DZH4000 transport model, DZH4000TK track mounted and DZH4000TKT track and transport.


The Southstar QS600 is designed for medium to large sized wood with an optimum operating size of 22” to 26” in diameter. This original large multi-tree processor features 4X4 extra wide feed rollers for increased surface contact with the log; a patent pending side stepping drive feature allowing for independent control of two stems; dual find end sensors to eliminate wastage when multi-tree processing; a parabolic spring link drive arm timing link to allow for variation in multi-stem diameters or rough single stem profile without loss of traction; and a wide chassis structure for improved structural strength and increased single and multi-tree processing capacity.


Olofsfors highlights three new products
Olofsfors unveiled its new Eco-Tracks line called KOVAX. The new line is an all-around track that provides both traction and flotation to suit a wide range of conditions. Optional curved cross members provide even more flotation and make for easier turning. Olofsfors also introduced two new Iggesund Forest harvester bars. The Blue Line harvester bars are made with a unique metal allow and an improved tempering technique that make the bars stronger and more ridged. The R9 is an improved 3/4” pitch solid harvester bar that has high-quality metal allow in the bar and nose sprocket that increases wear and lifetime.


Horizontal grinder
Bandit Industries now offers new options and designs for the Model 2680XP, 3680XP and 4680XP Beast Recyclers that allow the machines to excel in processing dense, stringy green waste like palms, vines and coastal vegetation. The cuttermill features a 30-tooth setup with 2” wide teeth as opposed to the standard 60-tooth, 1” wide arrangement. While a 60-tooth set up is still the best for grinding larger diameter wood, in leafy and stringy material void of
larger material the 30-tooth setup is extremely efficient. The mill RPM has been increased to help clear the mill faster, while the mill housing itself is opened up. A new proportional drive system for hydraulics on the Beast’s feed system helps to deliver maximum feeding rates without overfeeding the machine. This new system will monitor engine loads and automatically adjust the feed rate to match. The new system can also switch over to six different feed speeds.


Steep slope forwarder
With the 208F model series, HSM offers forwarders from the 9-ton class up to the 20-ton class that can be customized according to the customer’s exact needs. Strong cranes, flexible bunks systems, tiltable crane pillars, bogie lifts, cable winches and much more are available directly from the manufacturer. The forwarders are built with a Tier 4i, 6-cylinder, 250-hp engine. They are offered with loading capacities upwards of 20 tons; have a crane reach of 7.5 m to 10 m; a lifting torque of
70 kNm to 173 kNm; and weigh between 17,000 kg and 25,000 kg.


Rotochopper’s B-66 series grinders process a wide range of raw materials including whole trees, slabwood, railroad ties, asphalt roofing shingles, round and square bales, sorted C & D, wood chips and pallets into engineered fibre commodities. It is built with features designed to maximize uptime and end product control including a domed slat infeed conveyor; gap-less infeed transition; patented slab ramp adjustable shear plane; patented concentric powerfeed lift with internal radial piston drive; hydraulic screen installation system; and a patented replaceable mount rotor. Optional features include a biomass rotor package for producing short fibre fuels from round wood; crawler tracks with highway transport dolly and a simultaneous grind and colour system.


Harvester head
Waratah’s HTH624C is built to easily handle species such as radiata pine, poplar, and aspen up to 32” in diameter. It has a net weight of 7,606 lb., a maximum delimb opening of 30”, a maximum feed roller opening of 33.5”, and a maximum sawing capacity of 32”. It has a rear-mounted head module for increased protection and less shock load, increased top-saw cut capacity, superior hose routing, upsized main saw, strengthened hanging bracket, wider frame, and a number of feed-roller options.


Mobile traction winch
The T-Winch 10.1 mobile traction winch from ecoforst can be moved to any position in the chosen terrain the help of the compact radio system. It is built with an IVECO S30 ENT diesel engine with a power output of 107 kW. The winch has a maximum pulling force of 8 tonnes; a maximum speed of 4 km/h; an 18.5-mm rope diameter; and a rope length of 500 m.



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