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Dust Safety Week 2021 is coming soon!

June 8, 2021  By CFI Staff

For the fifth year in a row, Canadian Forest Industries and Canadian Biomass will be showcasing dust safety best practices, technical information and solutions during Dust Safety Week from June 21-25.

Dust Safety Week first started in 2016. Since then, it has become a well-known event with participation from organizations and companies across Canada. Our Dust Safety Week is the hub for pellet plants and sawmills across the country and beyond to learn best practices and find the most recent information to keep their operations and operators safe.

Mark your calendars for June 21-25 and follow along with us as we highlight feature stories, columns and research reports from our archives, along with brand new stories.

Dust Safety Week webinar

Like last year, we will be including a FREE one-hour webinar as part of Dust Safety Week, happening June 25 at 1:00 p.m. EST called, “Collector Catastrophes: Avoiding the Top Dust System Maintenance Failures”. Maintaining a dust system is a serious and ongoing part of every fibre processing facility’s routine, but learning about maintenance best practices doesn’t have to be dry.


This 60-minute webinar, presented by VETS Sheet Metal’s dust collection specialist Francis Petit, P.Eng., plays off the popular ‘fail army’ videos, exploring the top areas of maintenance ‘failures’ that can affect the efficiency and safety of your systems. Correcting these top maintenance oversights will support the safety of your team, your facility and your operation. Petit has been designing dust collection systems for over a decade and has collaborated with VETS’ hands-on project management team to capture and address the most frequent maintenance issues encountered onsite.

Don’t miss out! Register now!

Thank you to our generous sponsors: VETS Sheet Metal, Biomass Engineering, and Fagus GreCon.

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