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Reliable heavy-duty equipment is a must to keep your business grinding. Nothing is worse than sitting on the sidelines as your machines decide to take a break. We’ve all been there. With years of first-hand experience in the organics industry, Frontline knows the frustrations that faulty equipment can cause your crew and, inevitably, your bottom line. That’s why Frontline Machinery focuses on top-quality equipment that won’t leave you in the dust.

The CBI-6400 is built to last. Its interchangeable solid steel forged rotors will not quit. Accompanied by its powerful metal detection system, the MDS engages within milliseconds whenever the rotor contacts tramp metal, automatically raising the top feed roller, meaning less wear and tear on your grinder and less downtime.

Frontline Machinery is the quality control you can trust. Check out the CBI-6400 through Frontline Machinery.

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