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Mid-August lull sees decrease in lumber prices: Madison's

In the week ending August 11, the price of Western S-P-F 2x4 #2&Btr KD (RL) was US$397 mfbm. This is down by $29, or seven per cent, from the previous week when it was $426.

Canada to contest U.S. softwood lumber duties

Canada will contest what the trade minister described as "unfair, unjust and illegal" U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber products.

Canada's housing starts trend rises for second consecutive month in July

The housing starts trendline increased for the second consecutive month due to a healthy number of actual housing starts in July. The trend was 242,525 units, up 2.8 per cent from 235,819 units in June.

Average size of U.S. single-family homes hits over a decade low: NAHB

An expected impact of the virus crisis is a need for more residential space, as people use homes for more purposes including work. Home size correspondingly increased in 2021 as interest rates reached historic lows.

Paper Excellence permanently closes Catalyst Paper Tiskwat

Paper Excellence has announced the permanent curtailment of Catalyst Paper Tiskwat, its paper mill in Powell River, B.C.


Discover Unmatched Shredding Power and Reliability with Rotochopper's Shredders!

Rotochopper's waste reduction equipment reaches new heights with the 75DK and 95DK Shredders. These game-changing machines continue to impact the industry, delivering unmatched power and reliability that consistently impress customers.

Key Features:
  • Maximum Efficiency and Versatility: Effortlessly tackle a wide range of materials, from unsorted wood waste to green waste.
  • Superior Performance: Advanced features ensure precise and consistent results, significantly increasing productivity.
  • Optimize Resource Utilization: The precision shredding of these robust machines minimizes waste, streamlining operations.
  • Top-Notch Customer Support: With a dedicated team of experts, customers can rely on prompt assistance and comprehensive service, ensuring their shredders operate at peak efficiency.

Visit the Rotochopper website now to see the 75DK and 95DK Shredders in action. Discover how these shredders can transform your business and deliver reliable results every time.

» Learn More

Forests to boardrooms: Q&A with Ian Dunn

Ian Dunn is here for the forests.  As president and CEO of OFIA for nearly three years, he’s seen more boardrooms than cutblocks lately, but the registered professional forester still takes every opportunity to connect with members on forestry sites across the province.  » Read More...

Creating new value from forests

Innovation and partnerships are vital for the future of forestry. So much of what Mosaic Forest Management does in their operations across Coastal B.C. is driven by innovation and partnerships. » Read More...

Brunette/CBI Grizzly Mill Hog — The Heavyweight Champion of Woodwaste Grinders

The Brunette/CBI Grizzly Mill Hog is known as the Heavyweight Champion of Wood Waste Grinders for good reason! It is designed to be the most rugged hog on the market and will handle almost any material you throw at it and keep on running.

Cedar bark, green spruce bark, stringy bark, mill wood waste, demolition debris, butt ends, and railroad ties are easily processed into a high-quality product suitable for hog fuel, mulch or biomass material.

Superior ergonomic design makes this wood grinder safe, and easy to operate. The Grizzly Mill Hog is maintenance friendly with proven low maintenance costs.
» Learn more...

Ontario introduces 'Building Faster Fund' to accelerate home construction

The Ontario government is launching the Building Faster Fund, a new three-year, $1.2 billion program that provides significant new funding based on performance against provincial housing targets. » Read More...

P.E.I. allocates additional $50M to boost housing construction

Prince Edward Island's Housing Challenge Fund pilot has been renewed to help fast-track new housing stock across the province. With a 10-year, 2% interest rate over 25 years and property tax rebates, P.E.I. is looking to grow housing supply in both urban and rural areas. » Read More...

Saskatchewan housing starts soar

Saskatchewan's economy continues to thrive as Statistics Canada numbers show the value of housing starts increasing 50.7 per cent from July 2022 to July 2023 – the second highest growth in the nation, when compared to other provinces. » Read More...

Newfoundland's Sexton Lumber convicted for forestry act violations

An investigation conducted by the province has resulted in Sexton Lumber being convicted for four violations of the forestry act. The company has appeared in provincial court where it pled guilty to the violations. » Read More...

Conifex discredits basis for B.C.'s cryptocurrency mining moratorium

Conifex Timber has released a White Paper outlining how B.C.'s recent moratorium on cryptocurrency mining projects "contravenes the law, interferes with the regulatory system." » Read More...


Spotlight: Jenna Strachan

Jenna is the Indigenous relations superintendent at Mercer Peace River Pulp in Peace River, Alta. She has spearheaded MPR’s commitment to the Progessive Aboriginal Relations certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. » Read More...


Forest Engineering Conference

September 20, 2023 | Florence, Italy »

Canadian Woodlands Forum Fall Meeting  

October 3, 2023 | Dartmouth Crossing, Nova Scotia » Read More...