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B.C. halts proposed Land Act amendments

In a decisive move, B.C. Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship Nathan Cullen has announced the suspension of proposed amendments to the Land Act.

Western completes Saltair sawmill kiln upgrade

The $12 million investment increases lumber drying capacity and reduces energy consumption. The new kiln adds to the three existing kilns on site for drying lumber.

Lumber sales improve as builders look toward spring: Madison's

Uncertainty prevailed in much of the North American lumber market; field inventories were lean in every lumber product category.

AFNQL takes Quebec to task over forestry-consultation promises

Indigenous leaders warn the province not to just pay lip service to a new provincial law requiring consultation with First Nations before awarding new logging rights and contracts.


Safe returns: Nudging in sawmills

Safety expert Patrick McDonald chats with behavioral design specialist Alexander Harald on how behavioral design and nudging can make sawmills safer.  » Read More...

Revolutionizing B.C. forests

As the importance of our forests becomes even more evident, the industry is at the forefront of this revolution, employing innovative techniques and equipment to promote commercial thinning and fire hazard abatement. » Read More...

Quebec launches $89.3M fund for northern development projects

With a substantial $89.3 million fund, organizations and businesses are invited to submit project proposals aimed at fostering sustainability and prosperity north of the 49th parallel. » Read More...

Opinion: The hypocrisy (and sneaky deception) of Nature Canada

Nature Canada fails to tell the Canadian public that the 400,000-hectare logging represents a mere 0.16 per cent of the boreal forest, writes columnist John Mullinder. » Read More...

Kananaskis logging plan pauses for stakeholder consultation

West Fraser Cochrane, formerly Spray Lake Sawmills, announced that it’s pausing its 1,100-hectare logging plan to allow time for consultation with stakeholders. » Read More...


Q&A with Wood Preservation Canada’s Natalie Tarini

Natalie sees growing opportunity for women to enter and advance in the forest industry. A good start, she says, is reaching out to provincial forestry associations to learn about career options and openings. » Read More...