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Lumber prices flatten as demand remains weak: Madison's

Ongoing harsh winter weather and ample supply of lumber inventories in the field served to keep prices stable.

Domtar sells Dryden mill to First Quality Enterprises

The sale of Domtar's Dryden pulp mill is expected to close early in the third quarter, subject to conditions and regulatory approvals.

Keith Atkinson named new chair of B.C. Forest Practices Board

Atkinson has been appointed as chair of the independent forest auditing and investigating body for a three-year term, effective March 1.


Truck preview: Pick-up trucks going electric

The field is becoming a little crowded and having the mainstream OEMs enter the scene is a game-changer. » Read More...

‘Sasquatch’ logger: Q&A with Janessa Nelson-Smith

Janessa Nelson-Smith grew up in a logging family, married into a logging family and has now joined a growing group of women making their careers in forestry. » Read More...

Northumberland County tree planters lead list of Forests Ontario Award Winners

Forests Ontario has recognized important contributors to forestry and the environment led by tree planters in Northumberland County. » Read More...

New U.S. home sales up in January but higher rates signal further weakness: NAHB

Declining mortgage rates and home prices in January, coupled with home builders use of sales incentives, helped boost new home sales last month. » Read More...

Workplace Safety North announces new Risk Management Awards

A new awards program to recognize Ontario mining and forest products companies for how they manage top risks in their sector has been launched. » Read More...


Spotlight: Olivia Blizzard

Olivia, now a silviculture supervisor, has a relatable story: A young person who, despite growing up in Fredericton – this year’s CIF-designated Forestry Capital of Canada – knew next to nothing about forestry. » Read More...


OptiSaw Quebec  

Dates: March 17, 2023
Location: Quebec City, Quebec
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