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Tigercat unveils three-wheel drive 573 harvester head

Tigercat has added a fifth model to their harvesting head line-up. Best suited to medium and large tree profiles, the 573 has a 800 mm (31 in) maximum cut capacity.

Komatsu upgrades S172 harvester head

The Komatsu S172 has an upgraded length-measuring function as well as improvements that will increase the reliability and performance of the head.

Log Max introduces 5000V versatile harvesting head

The new Log Max 5000V is a versatile head for wide carrier selection and efficient felling. It provides a balance between flexibility, capacity and durability.


Introducing AFM Harvester Heads: the pinnacle of efficiency and precision in forestry equipment.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our harvester heads seamlessly integrate into your operations, maximizing productivity while minimizing environmental impact. With unparalleled durability and adaptability, they conquer any terrain with ease. From swift tree felling to precise delimbing and bucking, AFM Harvester Heads set the standard for performance and reliability. Designed for the modern forest industry, our heads optimize workflow, reduce downtime, and ensure every operation is executed with unmatched efficiency. Choose AFM for unparalleled quality and innovation, revolutionizing the way you approach forestry management.

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Winter maintenance essentials

Cold-weather considerations for winterizing logging equipment: the saw box on harvester heads and feed roller arms areas are vital areas to double-check before heading home at the end of the day. » Read More...

Freya Logging: The specialists

The husband and wife and their team proudly showed CFI their fleet: two Ponsse Scorpions; one Ponsse Bear, two Eltecs with Ponsse harvesting heads; one John Deere 1270G 8WD; one Komatsu 931; one Hitachi 210 with 622 Waratah harvesting head. » Read More...

Log Max Harvesting and Processing Heads for 2024

Log Max AB is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing and developing their product line for global markets since 1980.

First introduced to North America in 1992, Log Max now offers 13 different models of harvesting/ processing attachments. Each unit can be specifically equipped to tackle any forest application around the world. Be it the smallest 2000T up to the largest 12 000XT or the 7000 XTTS Fixed attachments, the Log Max head attachments are manufactured to keep the end user profitable.

The latest model, 5000V was launched in Eastern Canada in the Fall of 2020 following the very successful introduction of the 6000V. Notable updates are: new quicker saw units with optional manual or automatic saw chain tensioning, improved length measuring system, frame reinforcements and easier serviceability and access to lubrication points. Faster feeding and a newly designed saw box will also guarantee exceptional production and durability.

For more information on how the Log Max product line can fit your specific application and learn about these and many more updates, please visit www.logmax.com to find a Log Max dealer near you.

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Komatsu makes major upgrades to popular harvesting head

Komatsu S92's 2024 model upgrade introduces several new functions and improvements, including a brand-new Constant Cut saw unit. » Read More...

Ponsse manufactures its 20,000th forest machine

The 20,000th forest machine: a Ponsse Bear harvester with a Ponsse H8 harvester head has been completed at the factory in Vieremä, Finland. » Read More...

Kesla introduces the third generation of the RH harvester head range

The new third-generation RH harvester heads can easily be optimized to operate in different circumstances, with different types of trees and with different base machines. » Read More...


SFI Conference 2024

June 4, 2024 | Atlanta, Georgia »