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Increased demand pushes up many lumber prices: Madison's

Panel prices soared, amid widespread confusion. As rising demand outstripped limited supply, lumber and stud prices gained momentum.

Canadian housing starts jump 14% in February

The total monthly seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts for all areas in Canada increased 14% in February compared to January, said Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

West Fraser partners with Woodland Cree First Nation

West Fraser and the Woodland Cree First Nation recently signed a Good Relations Agreement to mark a new era of partnership, mutual respect, and exploration of economic opportunities.



Its unforgiving grip, its willful resistance. It takes more than strength to conquer a forest. The Link-Belt 40B Series boasts the raw power to tackle any task, while its intuitive design keeps you moving smoothly from start to finish.

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Inspiring inclusion at the fourth Women in Forestry Virtual Summit

The 2024 summit drew some 800 registrants from more than 20 countries, with 500 joining us live to talk about crucial topics like diversity, inclusion, allyship, Indigenous representation, biases, career ladders, and more. » Read More...

Saw filing 101: Designing circle saws

Today’s sawmill has the same goals as the mills of yesterday. For the most part, it is to produce as much high-quality lumber as fast and as safely as possible. In some circles, no pun intended, some feel we have just about reached the limits of our saw bodies where feed speed is concerned. » Read More...

LeadDriver+: Precision Marketing. Unmatched Conversions. Your Success, Amplified

Ignite the potential of LeadDriver+ for precision marketing, driving brand engagement and conversions. Supported by Annex Business Media, our first-party data approach transforms marketing strategies. Elevate your game with targeted, first party data and omnichannel impact.

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B.C. takes early action to prepare for wildfire, drought season

B.C. is taking several early steps to prepare for the wildfire and drought season, including working proactively with local governments and First Nations to help keep people and communities safe. » Read More...

Saskatchewan sees 18.4% increase in building construction investment

Figures published by Statistics Canada indicate that Saskatchewan ranks third in the nation for year-over-year growth in investment in building construction. » Read More...

Kruger to sell green energy, diversify production with NL gov't

Kruger's Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, under an agreement with the provincial government, will sell excess green energy to Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. » Read More...


Ritikaa Gupta

A youth advocate in the forest industry, Ritikaa blends her expertise in political science and forestry with a passion for wildfire policy and youth engagement. Her journey spans from the Italian Alps to the Himalayas, advocating for mountain forests. » Read More...


Montreal Wood Convention 2024

April 9, 2024 | Montreal, Que. »

COFI Convention 2024

April 10, 2024 | Vancouver, B.C. »

IWPA's 68th World of Wood Convention

April 10, 2024 | San Diego, California »

Olympic Logging Conference 2024

April 24, 2024 | Victoria, B.C. »