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Forest byproducts missed opportunity: arborist

An arborist and forester is noticing the growing risks on forest conditions and suggests biomass for energy is a big part of how we solve these issues.

Osoyoos Indian Band and Mercer Celgar work together to enhance the use of “waste wood”

Aligning with the provincial government’s goal to decrease the burning of slash piles and increase the utilization of wood fibre, the Osoyoos Indian Band and Mercer Celgar are collaborating to rethink conventional practices.

Leaders eye possibility of wood pellet heating system for community of Wekweètı̀, N.W.T.

The senior administrative officer of Wekweètì, N.W.T., says his community is mulling over the possibility of switching to wood biomass as a way to heat homes. The idea is to install a biomass district heating system that would help provide heat to all the homes in the community.


Intersecting Industries: Ontario grinding company supplies the landscaping world

Family-owned and operated Killaloe Wood Products has carved out a niche for itself at the intersection of forestry and landscaping, producing high quality, locally sourced mulch and custom wood-based soil amendments for clients across Ontario and Quebec. » Read More...

Harvesting Week Equipment: What to consider when sourcing grinders and chippers

There is no harvesting – or Harvesting Week – without the ability to transform woody materials into usable biomass. In the Canadian biomass harvesting field, grinders and chippers (and those trained to operate them safely) play an integral role in processing materials efficiently and effectively. » Read More...

Pellet fuel essential to decarbonization goals

There are many metrics showing that fossil fuel CO2 emissions are causing rapid changes in environmental variables, and the earth’s systems are unable to fully recycle CO2 emitted. Action is needed now, and part of the solution is pellet fuel. » Read More...

Ontario announces forest biomass program funding recipients

Forest biomass is used in everything from food additives to building materials. Its emerging uses include renewable natural gas, bioplastics and hydrogen – responsible alternatives to carbon-intensive products. » Read More...

U.K. approves Drax’s bioenergy with carbon capture project

The U.K. government approved Drax’s bioenergy with ‘carbon capture and storage‘ project to convert two biomass units to use carbon removal technology known as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). » Read More...

Another look 

A new year has begun and WPAC is ready!

Gordon Murray, WPAC's executive director, kicks off 2024 with a column paying global respect to international markets, highlighting domestic objectives for the year ahead, and drawing focus to safety precautions in the sector through summits and awards programs while acknowledging that, in this industry, "partnerships are everything." » Read More...


Forests Ontario 2024 Annual Conference

February 28, 2024 | Vaughan, Ontario »