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Saw filing: Don’t expect, inspect

Sawfilers who maintain good control of the variables under their control can help prevent even a few unscheduled saw changes.

Adjusting with a market downturn

Years ago, forecasting, when it came to sawmills, dealt with seasonal weather issues and having enough logs to operate. Today’s forecasters are looking at so much more; but it pretty much all boils down to profits and bottom lines.

Trimming the ends

When designing trim saws, close attention to the specifications of the saw blade, the machine, and the application should be considered.

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BID Group created the most advanced disposable knife on the market, with excellent abrasion and impact resistance. From steel composition to ease of maintenance, no detail has been overlooked.

You can also count on 24/7 fast and responsive support.
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BC Saw Filer’s convention merges history, present and future

Filers converged in Kamloops, B.C. from May 26-27 to hear about the latest equipment and advancements in saw filing, discuss current issues afflicting the trade and even learn more about the sector’s history. » Read More...

Saw Filing 101: A world of chaos

If it cuts wood at your facility, make sure you have it ordered. Don’t wait until you need it because your supplier may be waiting on their delivery as well. » Read More...
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PETROGLIDE™: Designed for Excellent Saw Guide Lubrication

PETROGLIDE’s blend of additives help to ensure a good cut, as well as a long saw guide and blade life. It also minimizes rusting throughout the operation cycle while reducing saw deviation and maximizing on-spec board production. Its surface wetting coupled with good water separability and tackiness helps to hold it in place, without causing excessive sawdust clumping.
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Robotics or Artificial Intelligence?

The sawfiler’s role may have changed, but the need for the sawfiler’s knowledge has not. » Read More...

The gullet: what requirements will match up to your sawing needs?

Feed speed, rpms, depth of cut, chip or sawdust expansion along with tooth bite and tooth space all determine the ideal size of the gullet. » Read More...

When enough is enough: True story about hand swaging a bandsaw

Here's a story about a sawfiler in Texas whose decision to retire after many years hand swaging bandsaws has a lesson for all mills today about the importance of automation in retaining filers. » Read More...