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BID Group unveils Comact’s AI-powered linear resaw optimizer

BID Group has announced a brand-new, groundbreaking innovation: the ResawExpert, a Comact-branded AI-powered linear resaw optimizer with vision.

MDI launches TWA5000-X Transverse Scanner metal detector

This system is capable of scanning up to 24 ft. boards in a transverse orientation and it effectively accommodates the most efficient means to run the maximum board feet of dimensional lumber per hour.

Groupe Savoie invests in scanner, chipper at Saint-Quentin sawmill in N.B.

Groupe Savoie has sourced a chipper from Kadant, chip screen from USNR, and the scanner from Springer-Microtec, as well as the log singulator for their sawmill in Saint-Quentin, N.B.

Bois Francs Bio Serra invests in trimming line, optimizer at Quebec mill

A new JAMEC trimming line will be installed, along with a Comact TrimExpert optimizer, specialized for hardwood, will be installed at Bois Francs Bio Serra's hardwood sawmill in Sainte-Monique, Que.


Enhance precision and efficiency with robotic automation

As companies strive for greater precision and efficiency, BID’s AI-Powered Robotic Automation stands out as a game-changer in global sawmill operations. The integration of cutting-edge AI technology enables the robotic systems to intelligently sort and stack trim blocks and boards with exceptional accuracy and maximizing operational output. Experience swift operations, effortless setup, uninterrupted workflows, and comprehensive safety features for a streamlined production environment. Join industry leaders in embracing the future of sawmill automation with BID Robotics, setting new benchmarks for productivity and profitability.

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Better performing saw line

Designed by Inotech, Groupe Martel has invested over $5 million in this new saw line that incorporates an Autolog (Carbotech) optimizer. With the installation of this line, the $10-million modernization project at the sawmill in Alma, Quebec, is now completed. » Read More...

Snapshot scanning for sawmills

By reducing the laser spacing to three inches, the latest scan head can see twice as much as before. This leads to fewer and smaller undetected areas, reducing unexpected wane in your cuts. » Read More...

This autograder is quick to install, simple to operate, and designed to extract maximum value

USNR’s VAB-brand Lineal Autograder is a highly innovative grading solution for planer mill applications. Using measurable dimensions and artificial intelligence for exceptional accuracy, the system can manage standard and custom grades.

With over 70 installations in North America, this system has a proven track record. Its small footprint simplifies installation making it easy to integrate into existing production lines. Completed over two weekends to limit downtime, mills are usually grading to norm within a few hours from start-up.

Lumber producers can expect to maximize finished wood volume, minimize trim loss, and reduce the need for manual graders. Contact us today!

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Microtec to supply log scanner to J.D. Irving’s N.B. mill

J.D. Irving has purchased a Microtec CT Log for installation at its Veneer Sawmill in St. Leonard, N.B., to scan and digitally reconstruct the internal features of their logs in 3D. » Read More...

Lucidyne scanner with Microtec AI to be installed at Cal-Tex Lumber

The Lucidyne scanner, equipped with Microtec AI and the QC Assist quality control tool, will allow Cal-Tex Lumber to get the most value and recovery out of their system at its Nacogdoches, Texas facility. » Read More...

Cutting edge of saw milling tech and processes at OptiSaw

Ideas for processing more wood, consuming fewer logs and experiencing less downtime were introduced and discussed at OptiSaw, including scanners with AI. » Read More...


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April 9, 2024 | Montreal, Quebec »

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