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Senate bill promoting sustainable building materials passes unanimously

A Senate bill encouraging use of more environmentally sustainable materials in public buildings passed unanimously on Sept. 27 in the House of Commons and will now become law.

Lumber prices decline as seasonal slowdown takes its course: Madison's

In the week ending Sept. 22, the price of Western S-P-F 2x4 #2&Btr KD (RL) was US$416 mfbm, up $6, or one per cent from the previous week.

B.C. to reduce single-use plastic seedling wraps in 2024 for greener reforestation

Three million single-use plastic seedling wraps are equal to approximately 2 million metres of single-use plastic to be eliminated in 2024 alone.


Rotochopper Grinders: Tailored Performance for Every Operation

Discover the versatility of Rotochopper's grinder lineup, offering a spectrum of options to suit your specific operational needs. Choose from diesel or electric models, granting you the flexibility to align with your energy preferences and efficiency goals. With a diverse range of sizes in both horsepower and machine dimensions, finding the perfect fit for your operation has never been easier. Rotochopper empowers you to optimize your productivity and achieve unparalleled results by customizing your grinding solution. Experience efficiency tailored to your requirements with Rotochopper grinders.
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Editorial: Under 40 and overachieving, and CFI's Sept/Oct issue is out now!

New issue is out! Meet the young innovators, disruptors, and defiers shaping our industry. » Read More...

Road to reconciliation: Equity, empowerment, and collaborative progress

As an individual who has been to a residential school, author Percy Guichon previously was an elected Chief and currently a councillor in his community. » Read More...
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FS 216 | Log Skidder Tires by BKT

FS 216 has a robust log design with optimum angle and wider width to enhance traction performance for loggers and skidders. It provides excellent cut and chip resistance under the most critical operating conditions and ensures maximum protection against possible damages at any time.
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Ontario town to look at creating Urban Forestry Plan

Ontario's Town of Essex will look at creating an Urban Forestry Plan. » Read More...

CIF-IFC honours outstanding forestry achievements with 2023 National Awards

The CIF-IFC has announced the 2023 National Award recipients. » Read More...

Catalyst Crofton resumes pulp operations, pauses paper operations until October

The kraft pulp operations at Catalyst Crofton mill in B.C. have been resumed, bringing more than 300 workers back to their jobs. » Read More...


Spotlight: Heather Trajano

Heather is an associate professor in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UBC, with a research program aimed at the Canadian pulp and paper industry, delivering both mill-ready technologies and highly trained engineers. » Read More...