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U.S. updates antidumping duties following NAFTA Panel decision

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently reassessed its antidumping duties for certain Canadian softwood lumber products.

Richmond Plywood unveils cutting-edge panel repair system

Richmond Plywood has completed installation of a $17.4M state-of-the-art Con-Vey Argos panel repair system, which integrates robotic technology with AI.

Buyer reluctance keeps lumber prices lower: Madison's

A quiet week capped off a muted month of April, as commodity prices were flat to down. Plywood prices appeared to be approaching a bottom. 

FPAC welcomes emissions report released by the federal government

FPAC welcomes "the government’s commitment to continuous improvement on forest carbon estimates based on the best available science and data."



Its unforgiving grip, its willful resistance. It takes more than strength to conquer a forest. The Link-Belt 40B Series boasts the raw power to tackle any task, while its intuitive design keeps you moving smoothly from start to finish.

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Don’t shoot me, I’m only the sawfiler

Of course all of us in the filing room know that when there’s a problem, the first place the mill personnel points to is the saws. The seasoned, experienced filer quickly tries to calm everyone down and starts the analysis of the problem and how dire it may be. » Read More...

Splitting hairs: Basic components to maintain tolerance

Management and maintenance pour hours into saws, rolls and other high wear parts, all while ignoring worn or poorly maintained saw guides that are the main support component for accurate, repeatable lumber manufacturing, says author and millwright Josh Bergen. » Read More...

Reminder: Logging contractors – Complete our survey!

With challenges like dwindling fiber supply, wildfires, and shifting government policies, it's imperative that we understand the current state of affairs. Your insights are invaluable in paving the way for a healthier, more profitable future for everyone involved. » Read More...

Forest Enhancement Society of BC seeks new executive director

With executive director Steve Kozuki retiring from public service to enjoy new adventures in life, FESBC is seeking a dynamic individual to become its new executive director. » Read More...

FPAC announces innovation awards winners at UN Forum on Forests

Penghui Zhu and Manon Beaufils-Marquet are this year’s winners of FPAC’s Chisholm Awards for Innovation in Forestry. » Read More...

USW union welcomes Winton Homes workers in Prince George

United Steelworkers welcomes over 30 workers from Winton Homes Ltd., part of the Sinclar Group Forest Products family in Prince George. » Read More...


Manon Beaufils-Marquet

Manon is one of the winners of FPAC’s Chisholm Awards for Innovation in Forestry, recognizing emerging young leaders and innovative research developments in climate positive forestry and forest products, clean manufacturing and the forest bioeconomy. » Read More...


SFI Conference 2024

June 4, 2024 | Atlanta, Georgia »

Dust Safety Week

July 15, 2024 | Online »