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Eacom applauds code changes

Sept. 23, 2014 - EACOM Timber Corporation welcomes the announcement from the Government of Ontario to implement changes to the Ontario Building Code (OBC) to allow the use of wood-frame construction in buildings of up to six-storeys.

"We are very pleased with Ontario's announcement that it is adopting wood-frame construction in five- and six-storey applications," said Kevin Edgson, President and CEO of EACOM. "Not only will these changes allow Ontario architects and builders to access safe, strong, innovative and green building solutions, the move will help support the Ontario wood products sector, including EACOM, and the communities in which we work."

The changes to the OBC to permit the use of structural wood products in the construction of four- to six- storey buildings will provide for increased construction cost savings over alternative materials which can translate into a more affordable unit to the home buyer. These savings can be passed through the system resulting in more affordable condo or rental units being brought to the market.

"We believe that the province will see additional benefits, including job creation, increased availability of affordable housing, increased tax base for municipalities and a minimized carbon footprint of building construction resulting from the increased use of sustainably-sourced wood products," added Edgson.


EACOM Timber Corporation is a major producer in the Eastern Canadian timber industry. Operations include the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of lumber and wood-based value-added products, and the management of forest resources. EACOM currently owns seven sawmills (5 in Ontario, 2 in Quebec), a remanufacturing facility (Quebec) and a partnership operation in an engineered I joist plant (Ontario) for a total of 800 employees.

September 23, 2014  By CNW Telbec

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