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EACOM celebrates 45 years of forestry operations in Val-d’Or

Sept. 7, 2018 - From its 1972 ground-breaking to the 2005 forestry crisis, the Val-d'Or sawmill has withstood the tests of time. Forty-five years later, EACOM Timber Corporation is celebrating the sawmill’s major role in the region’s economic and social development as well as the exceptional contribution of its mill, forest and office employees to this success.

September 7, 2018  By EACOM

To mark this anniversary, EACOM is giving 45 mature trees to the city of Val-d’Or to green its public spaces and has invited children to create art about “Our Forest” to decorate the boards of the Parc Blouin skating rink. A big community celebration will be held at the sawmill on Saturday to give young and old alike the chance to discover a modern and flourishing industry.

“We see these celebrations as an opportunity to give back to our community, which is so closely linked to our history and success,” explains Kevin Edgson, EACOM president and CEO. “Our team strives to do better every day. We’ve continued to grow by working with our employees, our contractors, First Nations, our suppliers, our communities and our customers. Today, we are celebrating an anniversary that we share with the entire region.”

Supporting over 315 direct jobs in Val-d’Or and about one thousand indirect jobs in the region, EACOM generates locally nearly $60 million in economic benefits every year. To maintain the sawmill’s performance and competitiveness, EACOM puts employee safety and development first and constantly invests in its assets and technological advances.

“EACOM continues to be a leading player in the development of our community. Its high profile in the industry sector puts Val-d’Or in a great position as an international business centre,” said Pierre Corbeil, Mayor of Val-d’Or.


Vibrant and prosperous communities are an essential part of the sustainable and responsible management of forest land. Our forest is a source of collective wealth. It provides a natural environment to protect biodiversity, an endless playground for nature lovers, and a natural carbon sink to combat climate change. EACOM is proud to serve as a responsible steward of this renewable resource.

“The forest has always played a critical role in Quebec’s economy and culture. It has profoundly marked our history and continues to do so today,” said Denis Lebel, President and CEO of the Quebec Forest Industry Council (CIFQ). “Companies like EACOM, which have been working for many years to develop industry practices and technology, are prominent actors in this amazing story. Through their innovation and continuous improvement, they ensure that our forest will continue to drive our prosperity and our future.”

EACOM invites its employees, their families, and the community to come celebrate 45 years of forestry operations in Val-d’Or on Saturday, September 8 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The program will include a tour of the sawmill, a fun BBQ, interactive information booths, youth art for Parc Blouin, a history exhibit, free tree saplings, and games for kids. For more information about these free activities, visit www.EACOM.ca/valdor45.

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