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EACOM welcomes Government of Canada task force on softwood lumber

Feb. 23, 2017 - EACOM Timber Corporation welcomes news by Canadian Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr of the creation of the Federal-Provincial Task Force on Softwood Lumber, which will coordinate current programs and assess domestic initiatives as Canada continues to negotiate with the United States.

''We thank the Canadian Government for its efforts to reconcile the needs across the country and are grateful to the Ontario and Quebec Governments for their advocacy to safeguard their provincial softwood lumber industries'' said Kevin Edgson, EACOM CEO.

For EACOM, which operates 7 sawmills in Ontario and Quebec, access to the American market is critical to maintain and grow our business. Given the importance of Canadian softwood lumber imports to the U.S. economy, the company was disappointed that the U.S. Lumber Coalition filed a petition with the Department of Commerce to institute duties to be imposed on Canadian softwood lumber shipments to the United States.

''Collaboration between federal and provincial governments, along with industry, will be paramount as we position ourselves to defend Canada's interests. Canada-U.S. trade is of vital importance for both countries. Arriving at an appropriate resolution is possible when you have two partners willing and ready to work through the issues,'' added Edgson.

In the face of uncertainty, EACOM has been committed to strengthening its balance sheet and maintaining strong assets to position us for future stability and growth. Many of our mills have a long, rich history, having been part of their communities for over 100 years. Since 2012, EACOM has invested over $63 million in its Ontario and Quebec facilities to increase production and employment levels. Investments such as these demonstrate our commitment to enhancing Canada's softwood lumber industry and associated communities to the health and prosperity that should be theirs.

February 23, 2017  By EACOM Timber Corp.

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