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Edgewood Forest Products to phase out beehive burners, build biorefinery

March 22, 2022  By  Ellen Cools

Edgewood Forest Products, based in Carrot River, Sask., is planning to build a biorefinery that will convert sawmill waste into bioproduct such as biochar.

The biorefinery will replace the mill’s beehive burner, and should be fully operational in October 2023, according to SaskToday.

The first phase of construction on the biorefinery is slated to begin May 2022 and will be finished this fall, with a new production line to produce biochar. The biorefinery is expected to create 10 new jobs.

The second phase of construction will see four new production lines added, and is set to begin May 2023 and be completed in October 2023. At that point, an additional five jobs will be added.


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