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Eltec B Series Harvesters feature Flow Recovery System

January 31, 2023  By Eltec

Eltec FRS is a cutting-edge technology in the field of hydraulic systems. It stands for Flow Recovery System, which is a system that utilizes kinetic energy to boost the speed of mast movement while reducing the consumption of hydraulic fluid.

This system is designed to improve the distribution of fluid to other functions, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the hydraulic system. With the help of Eltec FRS, their hydraulic system can now operate faster and more efficiently, saving time and energy consumption in the process.

The technology has been implemented into all their B series log harvesters , where hydraulic systems play a crucial role in their equipment. In conclusion, Eltec FRS is a game-changer when it comes hydraulics, providing improved performance and increased efficiency, making it a must-have technology for all their operators.

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