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Energy reduction workshop in B.C.

Mar. 27, 2014 - Imagine driving a car without any instruments – no speedometer, odometer, or fuel gauge. This isn't very different from how you might have tried to manage your daily electricity use in the past. The new MyHydro energy tracking tools for business now provide access to detailed information about your power use throughout the billing period. This has helped others mitigate increases and lower energy costs, while improving profitability and their company's green reputation.

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, British Columbia, in partnership with BC Hydro, invite you to a hands-on workshop about new online tools and Power Smart incentives on May 16, 2014 designed to:
Update you about smart meters and how they work;
Register your organization with MyHydro and link your accounts;
Practice using the MyHydro energy tracking tools to determine how much electricity your business is using each day and at what cost; and
Provide tips as to how to manage your account(s) online and identify energy savings opportunities.
A BC Hydro facilitator will introduce participants to MyHydro and help you explore the online tools. In addition, BC Hydro representatives will be available to review your account(s) to determine eligibility for Power Smart offers and incentives, plus answer any questions about your bill. The workshop wraps up with stories and tips from those in the manufacturing industry to spur ideas for cost-saving measures that can be implemented immediately.

If you are an owner or operations/finance manager of a small-to-medium sized manufacturer on BC Hydro's general service rate, then this is a workshop you want to attend.

Program for May 16, 2014
Welcome from CME British Columbia
Introduction by BC Hydro
MyHydro – exploration of online tools and how to manage account(s) online
Register and review your own account(s)
Coffee break
Breakout Sessions –"café" conversation approach to generate ideas with other manufacturers for using new tools
Power Smart - manufacturing success stories and tips
***Important note about registration

To get the most out of this workshop, please provide a BC Hydro account number for your organization during registration. Although this is optional, it will help the BC Hydro facilitator understand the type of service you are using and where to focus the tips related to your industry. This also makes it easier for you to review your bill and ask questions during the hands-on component and when speaking to the helpdesk agent.

Bring a laptop or tablet if possible otherwise you will be able to follow along with the facilitator's sample material.

Link to register: https://bc.cmemec.ca/mpower/event/loadevent.action?e=106

March 27, 2014  By press release

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