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Equipment Spotlight: A grip on grapples

CFI highlights the latest grapples on the market in 2022

July 4, 2022  By CFI Staff

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For more than 40 years, Pierce has been manufacturing hydraulic forestry grapples using input from professional loggers. As machinery and loggers get stronger, so do their grapples. The result is a product that does all the things it needs to do, easily and efficiently. Pierce twin cylinder forestry grapples feature powerful 360-degree continuous rotation and are multi-purpose for excellent versatility. They feature an optimum arm shape for big wood, tight grapple closure for superior small log control, load check valves to eliminate the risk of dropping a payload, and heavy-duty legs that possess the optimum shape for shovel logging, loading, unloading and sorting.


Doosan Infracore North America offers two grapples for use with its log loaders – the LG52 and LG58 – with 52- and 58-inch arm openings, respectively. Doosan log grapples complement the log loader’s live heel for efficient operation. Operators can easily sort, stack and load logs onto trucks with a log grapple. Doosan log loader grapples are manufactured with high-strength steel for extreme durability in harsh operating environments. Approved log loaders include the Doosan DX225LL-5, DX300LL-5, and DX380LL-5.


The new butt-n-top and shovel clam grapples are built with durable boxed style jaws fabricated from high strength steel. Replaceable tine tips are made from abrasion-resistant steel. High-quality, heavy-duty components are used throughout. Cushioned cylinders, and a soft-start and stop slew hydraulic circuit prevent structural shock loads and promote extended grapple life while providing ample speed and torque for excellent performance. Hydraulic hoses are routed on top of the boom and under the connecting pin to best protect the hoses from damage. The BT08 and SC08 grapples are simple to maintain with easy access to daily service points and critical components. A sealed electrical box protects electrical components from the elements.



Hultdins SuperGrip SG Grapples are the forest industry standard on log trucks and forwarders. Traditional models are starting to become common on excavators for tree service, land clearing, feeding chippers or grinders, and part time logging. All SG Grapples are equipped with Indexator GV Rotators and links are available to match, any forwarder, log truck or excavator mount. SG Grapples are available in five model sizes with openings from 60 to 89 inches. The grapples feature high-strength steel and robotized welded construction, cushioned cylinder, tapered sleeve pin joints, and excellent arm geometry, with wide opening and minimum closing dimensions, and synchronized arms with dual solid cast steel connecting rods. Grapple saw option available on all models.

Bateman Manufacturing – Gripen

Bateman Manufacturing’s line-up of forestry attachments – Woodrake Power Grapple (BPG-WR Model) with SuperSaw option, pulpwood grapple, log grapples, etc. – were all designed and built to last. In recent years, Bateman has made technological developments to the BPG-WR Models. This attachment offers proportional control that allows for precise functions, a SuperSaw option with a single hydraulic circuit, and rotator combinations for any grapple sizing that fits the operation. In order to meet the high demands of an ever-growing industry such as forestry, Bateman has partnered with Gripen, based in Hudiksval, Sweden. This partnership will allow Bateman’s forestry product line to stay affordable for customers while offering the highest quality products on the market.


Indexator from Vindeln in Sweden – the world’s biggest manufacturer of hydraulic rotators – is adding to its compact rotator range with the powerful XR350. The XR range comprises compact, powerful rotators with superb bearings, designed for extreme applications where rotator function requirements and loads are especially high. The XR350 is designed to handle both positive and negative axial loads up to and including 15 metric tons. The model is also built for a radial load tolerance of 11 metric tons and is thus ideal for applications with high side loads such as fixed installation sorting grapples on excavators, or floating, for example, scrap or timber handling applications.


PROLENC brake links feature a unique, simple, tapered friction sleeve design providing best holding power and lowest cost per operational hour. Mechanical adjustments allow for variable grapple control to suit the application. Internal or external mounting options for new OEM installations and all working grapples.


The Southstar QS635 series grapple-processor is designed to be able to sort, shovel and load like a grapple and process and measure and cut with all the advantages of a Southstar processor. Combining loading and processing into one effective machine, the QS635 is designed for medium to large sized wood with an optimum operating size of 24- to 32-inches in diameter, 360-degree rotation and max operating width 116 inches with head open and maximum drive roller opening 42.5 inches. This large multi-stem grapple processor is packed full of design features that set it apart.

T-Mar Industries

T-Mar Extreme Duty MK3 series grapples use tech tools like robotic welding systems to improve geometry to decrease cylinder pressure allowing the grapple to handle heavier loads. The use of aluminum-bronze bushings and induction-hardened pins also improves longevity. Most popular is the Extreme Duty 60-inch Grapple with 60-inch legs at 3,241 pounds is the standard for 30-ton machines. It has fully guarded high pressure cylinders and swivel, improved internal bracing and solid top plate. T-Mar Industries has included quick-attach brush rake and saw attachments for all grapple models and a wedge lock mounting that ensures a strong, secure connection over years of use. There is also increased rotate torque on all models.

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