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Equipment spotlight: Forwarder focus

June 20, 2017 - Canadian Forest Industries tracks down the newest forwarder products available for loggers in Canada.

June 20, 2017  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

Eco Log
The new 574E (14 ton) and 594E (20 ton) forwarders are equipped with a new diesel engine from Volvo Penta. The D8 7.7 liter engines provide high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions. The new cab design offers the operator with a new driver experience with large high-visibility windows while the low-framed windows offer improved vision to the front wheels. All Eco Log forwarders remain easy to service with tilt-able cab, hood, tank and removable bellypan. IQAN equipped, the control system consists of a larger display with touch functionality and offers more integrated functions. Cranab loaders are offered on all forwarder models. As well as the standard equipment, all forwarders may be ordered with various options.

The Barko 612 Forwarder offers a full 20-inch ground clearance and provides excellent weight distribution for steep grades. Low operating weight keeps ground pressure low to minimize ground disturbance. Featuring a responsive control system and exceptional maneuverability, the 612 Forwarder also includes a tilting cab and access panels for easy servicing.


TimberPro’s TF series forwarders are a product of decades of research and development. With their continuous rotation turntable they offer many advantages over the typical Scandinavian style forwarder. This superior design allows the operator to work over all sides of the machine making the TimberPro TF series the most versatile machine on the market. This continuous rotation also makes the TF series an ideal combo forwarder/harvesting machine, which allows the operator to switch between the log grapple and harvesting head in under 15 minutes. Along with its versatility is a 330HP Cummins engine, powerful wheel drive system, heavy frame construction and massive lifting power making the 840C a perfect fit for tough logging applications.

Ponsse forwarders are known to be powerful. Strong engine and hydraulics make loaders efficient in slewing and lifting and gives ultimate tractive force. Advanced OptiControl system makes operating exact, smooth and secure. Extremely favourable ratio of weight to load bearing capacity, the smallest turning radius and dimensions that spread the weight evenly over all wheels, are hard to beat. Cabin offers plenty of storage space, the most ergonomic controls available in the market and excellent visibility in every direction. Ponsse Ecodrive assists operator to improve working methods. Products cover whole range from small sized thinning forwarders to heavy-duty forwarders.

John Deere
The patented balanced bogie axle system on the John Deere forwarders has been providing unrivaled stability and tractive effort since its introduction over 20 years ago. Combined with John Deere’s current engine technology and TimberMatic control system, operators enjoy more torque and more responsive hydraulic performance than ever before – all with improved fuel economy. With Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) and configurable joystick controls, boom operations have never been easier or more productive. IBC automatically controls the lift, slew, and extension of the boom based on the location of the grapple enabling more precise grapple positioning, especially with long reaches.

The 1085C forwarder is Tigercat FPT Tier 2 or Tier 4f powered. Tier 4f conforms to the latest emissions standards in North America and Europe. Compared with a conventional two-speed forwarder transmission, the infinitely variable WideRange drive provides extremely high tractive effort while permitting quicker working travel speeds. Excellent component layout and easy access to service points makes for quick and painless daily maintenance routines. The operating environment has optimized sight lines and ergonomics. In-cabin sound levels are under 66 db at full 2,200 rpm engine speed. Lighting, operator controls and interface and the climate control systems are engineered for high productivity and reduced operator fatigue during long shifts.

Komatsu America Corp. has launched a completely new line of Tier 4 Final certified forwarders. This new 845, 855, 875 and 895 lineup provides increased performance, productivity, operator comfort and convenience, and serviceability, compared to the prior 855.1, 865 and 895 Tier 4 Interim models. The 845 is a new, additional model which competes in the 12 metric ton payload class. Rated payload capacities for the 845, 855, 875 and 895 are 12, 14, 16 and 20 metric tons, respectively, and provide broad market coverage. The 875 model is in a unique size class, compared to competitors, who have either 15 or 18 metric ton capacity.

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