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Equipment Spotlight: Forwarders

A look at the newest forwarder technology for moving Canadian fibre.

September 26, 2022  By CFI Staff

John Deere

Ideal for early to late thinning operations, the compact dimensions of the 910G and 1010G Forwarder models maximize productivity and power in the most demanding conditions. Available in either a six-wheeled and eight-wheeled configuration, the 910G and 1010G model designs are customizable to meet various worksite and operational needs by choosing from different boom, load-space, axle, and cabin options. In addition, optional Intelligent Boom Control boosts productivity on the job. Both models feature a high tractive force transmission, Adaptive Driveline Control and TimberMatic control system, and are compatible with the TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager technology offerings.


Hybrid-powered harvesters have been the flagships of Logset since 2016. Time has proven that the technology works very well in harvesters. Benefits are seen in the environment, but also in lower running costs, more power and user comfort. Electric power provides quicker reactions for crane and harvester head movement.  Many independent comparisons show 20-30 per cent reductions to CO2 emissions and 10-20 per cent reduction to fuel costs when compared to the already fuel-efficient Logset machines equipped with normal diesel engines. The two biggest Logset harvesters, 12H GTE Hybrid and 8H GTE Hybrid, come with a hybrid power unit.


PONSSE Mammoth’s frame structures and sturdy bogies have been designed to withstand loads of 25 tons, even in the most demanding conditions. Mammoth’s superior performance is based on leading load carrying capacity and high-performance K121 loader. By seamlessly combining these two key factors with smart power transmission, PONSSE Mammoth can significantly reduce the overall cost per cubic meter delivered to roadside. Stepless gearbox and advanced hydraulics that utilize two pumps instead of one – as well as sturdy components in general – ensure that ideal torque levels are in use at all times. PONSSE Active Seat provides a full view straight on the job. With Active Crane seat automatically follows the tip of the loader.

Sampo Rosenlew

Sampo Rosenlew offers a complete range of 8 wheel forwarder, 10, 12 and 14 tons. All three using NAF bogies and a SISU tier 5 engine. The FR28 10 tons is specially designed for thinning operations and private lands – small and agile measuring 8 feet 4 inches. The FR48,12 tons has a larger cargo space and adapts well to the different conditions of the Canadian soil. The FR68 14 tons is a forwarder more suitable for larger jobs, built with a rotating cabin.



Tigercat’s 1085C tilt crane option is a steep slope solution for the powerful 1085C forwarder. The tilting crane system allows the crane pillar to tilt up to 25 degrees rearward, allowing the operator to keep the pillar nearly vertical when on a downhill slope. The result is the ability to use full slew torque to manipulate grapple loads while on steep slopes instead of swinging uphill against gravity. A stronger 6.25 square metre moving gate and optimized bunk design accommodate up to 20 tonne loads. Rear tethering lugs, pressure lubed front bogie and transmission, and fuel tank baffle system are other features that make this forwarder a true steep slope machine.


The TimberPro 800 Series are productive and versatile forwarders on the market. The powerful boom with hydrostatic swing combines with 360-degree continuous rotations upper, is easier to operate and allows the use of large grapple for faster loading and unloading.  The operator can easily fix or mat heavily used skid trails and retrieve wood from difficult-to-reach areas; with hydraulic power and flexibility to perform with a choice of harvester head. The latest D models feature a 350 hp Cummins Stage 5 High Performance L9 engine.   Three sizes of axles are available from the smallest TF830D with 20-ton axles to the largest TF860D with 28 tons axles.


Komatsu’s 845-1 forwarder offers an excellent combination of high crane capacity, maneuverability and rough terrain capability to help maximize productivity.

With high productivity for thinning and light clear-cutting, the 12-metric-ton class forwarder offers several frame-length options. Designed for smooth and precise operation, the 845-1 has a long reach with excellent lifting power and slewing torque.

Even when fully loaded, operators can maneuver with confidence in the most rugged forests. The chassis and suspensions on Komatsu forwarders are designed for performance under demanding conditions. The Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles with a high portal offset and V-shaped frames provide some of the highest ground clearance in the industry.

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