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Equipment spotlight on forwarders in 2021

CFI takes a look at the newest forwarders on the market for loggers in 2021.

December 21, 2021  By CFI staff

john deere

John Deere
Available in a six-wheeled or eight-wheeled configuration, the 910G and 1010G forwarders are designed to offer customizable solutions for every logging operation. The improved machine design includes a shorter frame, balanced bogie axles and rigid front axles on the six-wheeled models. The fixed or rotating and leveling cab is equipped with RENCRAFT Super Hard Coat polycarbonate windows, ergonomic armrests, a fully adjustable air-cushioned seat and automated climate-control system. Optional Intelligent Boom Control boosts productivity. Both models feature a high tractive force transmission, Adaptive Driveline Control and TimberMatic control system, and are compatible with the TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager technology offerings.

Sampo Rosenlew
The eight-wheeled Sampo FR68 is a forwarder with a 14-ton load capacity meant for later thinnings and regeneration harvesting. It has been designed to work alongside the Sampo HR86 harvester, featuring the same strong frame construction, six-cylinder AGCO Power 74AWF engine, hydrostatic-mechanical transmission, heavy-duty NAF axles and 26.5-inch wheels. The FR68 further has a strong Mesera 92F crane and a rotating cabin, which provides a virtually unrestricted visibility of the working area and smoothly follows the crane-slew movements. The FR68 can be configured with 4.4- and five-metre load space lengths and a number of bunks for different log lengths.

Tigercat has developed the new 1085C tilt crane option – a steep slope solution for the powerful 1085C forwarder that will expand its capabilities when working on hilly terrain. The tilting crane system allows the crane pillar to tilt up to 25 degrees rearward, allowing the operator to keep the pillar nearly vertical when on a downhill slope. The result is the ability to use full slew torque to manipulate grapple loads while on steep slopes instead of swinging uphill against gravity. A stronger 6.25 square metre (67 square foot) moving gate and optimized bunk design accommodate up to 20-tonne (44,000 lbs.) loads. Rear tethering lugs, pressure lubed front bogie and transmission, and a fuel tank baffle system are other features that make this forwarder a true steep slope machine.

The Ponsse Bison is the fastest forwarder in the world. No other forwarder has a transmission equipped with a stepless gear ratio change. It is no longer necessary to stop when switching to the fast range from the slow range; working in all types of terrain is much faster – just hit the throttle. Active Frame efficiently prevents the cabin and the operator from swaying. The new Ponsse seat is also available – the first seat designed specifically for forest machines. To top it all off, the engine’s rpm remains nearly constant, regardless of speed. The Bison’s low-emission engine is highly economical.


KMC Kootrac
The Steel Tracked Log Skidder, with its uniquely designed balanced weight distribution, torsion bar suspension and “live” steel track, combines the speed of a rubber-tired skidder and the payload of a crawler tractor. The KMC-Kootrac machine, with its power-to-weight distribution, low centre of gravity and superior traction, combined with a light flotation effect on the ground surface, offers competitive advantages and significant benefits to the contractor to extend the production season whether on steep slopes, wet and boggy ground and/or environmentally sensitive soils and everything in between.

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