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Equipment spotlight: Processing and harvesting heads

March 26, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries takes a look at the newest attachments working in Canada's forests.

March 26, 2018  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

The TreeKing’s unique and proven design increases productivity while decreasing downtime and fibre damage. By being a true multi-stemming processor able to multi-stem over 90 per cent of the time in smaller diameter timber, while still maintaining incredible length accuracy. Decreased downtime with less moving parts, simplified construction and interchangeable components. All this capacity in one cost-effective, cutting edge machine. The TreeKing only requires a 23 to 24 ton carrier to process trees from a four-inch to 30 plus-inch butt diameter. Reducing the carbon footprint of the carrier equates to big fuel savings. The TreeKing uses stroke technology to process your trees and does not crush or spike your wood fibre like the roll processor heads. This gives the end user a better quality of wood fibre and increases fibre recovery.

Tigercat harvesting heads are built to match the high performance capabilities of Tigercat track carriers. The 570 is a powerful two-wheel drive harvesting head best suited to in-stand harvesting with an optimal range of 150–510 mm in diameter. The 575 is a heavy-duty three-wheel drive head suited to in-stand harvesting in the 175–560 mm diameter range. Tigercat’s D5 control system comes standard with all Tigercat harvesting heads. The system allows the operator to monitor lengths, diameters and species in real-time to ensure maximum productivity, with a simple and intuitive Tigercat-developed user interface.


The Southstar Grapple Processors QS 505/605/635 series are designed and built for production processing and log handling. They include a powerful tilt with locking system with float for heeling logs and handling; powerful dual rotate motors with special Southstar-designed spool, to still allow the head to follow log when processing. They also have a larger rotate bearing; high capacity delimb arms for log handling; short hanging bracket with high tilt angle; lifting hooks on delimb arm tips for safe lifting of trailer straps, and are designed to work with or without heal. A powerful 4×4 drive system provides amplified torque in large wood when processing while increasing productivity with the ability to multi-stem small wood.

Prolenc Manufacturing Inc. introduces its new, patent pending 250 series Brake Link. Designed to integrate with five to eight ton class rotators offered by Finnrotor, Baltrotor and others in this weight class, it features Prolenc’s unique, simple, tapered friction sleeve design. Externally mounted and integrated on the link, it offers easy access for periodic tension adjustments and serviceability. The link is single or double dampening and also available as individual units to adapt to the wide variety of linkages and crane tips available worldwide. Ideal for smaller thinning harvesters and free swinging biomass heads as well as loading grapples the 250 series allows Prolenc to now offer a full complement of brake links and dampeners for all attachments up to 2,000 kgs or 4,400 lbs.

SP Maskiner  
The SP 661 LF is the latest design from SP. It is a compact and strong high performance harvester head designed according to SP’s Low Friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 661 LF is designed to be able to offer the highest productivity in both small and large diameter harvesting. In large diameter harvesting the proportional angled feed rollers in combination with SP’s patented knife control system LogHold, ensures an impressive capacity and productivity. When harvesting smaller diameter trees the compact and agile design is a great asset. Equipped with the optional Multi tree handling equipment the SP 661 LF is able to reach highest productivity also when harvesting very small tree dimensions.

Risley Equipment has introduced the new family of its popular Rolly III multi-tool series with the latest technology that can be a harvester, processor, or high speed log chipper head for cut-to-length, long log or tree length harvesting — processing all species of hardwood and softwood. Risley Rolly III heads feature compound gear or heavy-duty gear rotate drive with full control 360-degree non-continuous; measuring ring wheel; drive rolls; 3/4 pitch Bar — up to 24 inches (60 cm) cut capacity; high-speed intermittent Rotosaw attachment; and high speed chipper head option. Also upgraded with the latest technology is the Risley Cobra — a controlled head processor/grapple loader, which processes and optimizes at the stump and at the deck.

The Komatsu 398 harvesting and processing head is built for big timber selective harvesting, clear-cutting harvesting and processing pre-felled timber. Its rugged and robust design allows it to handle timber averaging up to 23-inch diameter.  It can be mounted on 28–40 metric ton track carriers including factory-installed on a Komatsu PC290LL-11. The powerful carry style feed system features four motors and three driven rollers, which provide a firm three-point grip while reducing friction for high feed power. Cutting is handled by a 31-inch capacity 3/4-inch pitch bottom saw, and an 18-inch capacity .404 pitch integral top saw. The rugged delimbing knife and accurate measurement systems provide highly efficient processing.  

Waratah provides industry-leading solutions through 21 individual models. Providing our customers with the most extensive line-up of two-, three- and four-wheel drive harvesting/processing attachments. The new HTH 624C 4X4 is specifically designed for pushing the boundaries between small and larger diameter timber. The low profile chassis design is fully loaded with easy maintenance features including improved hydraulic hose routing, easy access control valve, and centralized greasing stations. New hardened body inserts deliver a high hour — high wear — replaceable solution eliminating the need for expensive line-boring long term.  Additional key features include — 360 continuous rotation, single lower delimb-arm, auto-tensioning ¾ main saw, dual laser find-end system and with all Waratah 4X4 models you get multi-tree processing features that will help boost your productivity when plagued with small diameter timber.

Log Max
For over 30 years Log Max Inc.’s main product line has been grapple harvester/processor heads compatible with a wide variety of carrier brands and models in over 30 countries worldwide. The product line includes the 4000B; 5000D; 6000B; 7000C; 7000XT; 7000XT Fixed; 10000XT and 12000XT. Log Max XTreme XTSeries Harvesting Heads are heavy duty and made for the most extreme forest operations. The 7000XT with its large, high-torque feed motors, gives up to 45 kN/11,600 lb of feed force and delimbing power. High-flow hydraulics provide increased performance in any application and the toughest conditions. The Log Max 12000XT is the extreme duty head for big tree production, multi-stem processing of smaller softwoods or processing crooked hardwoods.

Burn less fuel and produce more with Ponsse processing and harvester heads. Ponsse heads are widely used in track and rubber tired harvesters in Canada. Ponsse has been designing and manufacturing harvester heads for 30 years. The long-term experience and active listening of customer feedback shows in the products — every model is at the top of its class in productivity and reliability. Well-designed structures and highest quality steel ensures durability with lower weight. The saw is quick and precise, feeding fast and strong, making the heads productive. Ponsse Opti control system designed for Ponsse heads gives more cubic metre per hectare.

The Barko CF18 fixed harvesting head provides performance on a wide range of harvesting and processing applications. Featuring a patent-pending design equipped with IQAN control system, onboard valving and centre hose routing, the CF18 is precisely engineered for fast and efficient cutting and delimbing. The head’s 360-degree continuous rotation with centre hose routing enhances maneuverability when cutting, while also protecting hoses from tangling or tearing, thereby reducing hose replacement costs. Downtime is also reduced because the head is built with fewer moving parts, making the only daily service requirement greasing. Barko also sells the JP Skidmore CF22 and CF22L. The CF22 has a lower thumb while the CF22L comes without one.

Pierce Pacific
The Pierce Grapple Processor is a revolutionary work tool that offers loading utility and processing productivity in one tough machine. It’s the only one of its kind that shovels, sorts and loads like a grapple-and delimbs, measures and cuts like a processor. Built to handle big timber up to 52 inches in diameter, the GP is ideal for picking up individual stems, as well as handling multiple logs. Other groundbreaking features include integral feed wheels, which allow users to increase the distance of each shovel turn and thus reduce the number of turns to the landing. Plus, the full scale measuring system calculates log length and diameter, making it easy to process and merchandise logs with precision accuracy.

John Deere
John Deere offers loggers a full line of harvesting and processing heads, providing a solution for any application. Ideal for late thinnings and regeneration harvesting, the H414 harvesting head features excellent power-to-weight ratio, outstanding delimbing capability, and compact size. The highly maneuverable, multipurpose H414 harvesting head is compatible with mid-sized to large harvesters and features feed-roller arms equipped with built-in guards, strong cylinders and well-protected hose routings. Four moving delimbing knives, one fixed top knife, and one fixed back knife follow the contours of the stem for exceptional delimbing.

AFM Forest
AFM-Forest has been producing harvester heads since 1974. AFM-Forest offers six different models of harvester heads weighing from 1,188 lbs to 7,055 lbs. The AFM 75 White line is strong, reliable and highly productive, 5,100 lb head for big wood. With four moveable knives and four feed motors opening up to 33 inches, it centres the stem and adjusts to it constantly with proportional pressure for the best feeding possible. Standard equipment includes hydraulic saw tensioner, hydraulic saw control and rugged framing. The AFM White Line series was designed for the harsh Canadian market with more guarding and less exposed hoses. The AFM Head can work with a variety of different measuring systems and can be easily adapted to any type of base carrier.

Pro Pac
Pro Pac PP-22 and PP-24 saw heads are built with the logger in mind.  Maximizing productivity while minimizing operating costs. Arm and butt plate geometry are optimized for large- or small-tree capability while minimizing butt plate wear. Grab arms incorporate a regen circuit to provide faster cycle times while maintaining the holding power of two individual cylinders. Supply hoses are connected to a sealed bulkhead at rotator centre eliminating hose wear and debris build up in the saw head. Heavy-duty 360-degree rotator incorporates 30-inch bearing and three drive pinions providing superior load distribution and component life. Innovative disc design eliminates the use of large bolts for teeth allowing extra material and smooth transitions at high stress areas providing superior strength and component life. Heavy duty skis and skirt incorporate 3×48 inch heel held with 1-inch bolts.

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