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Equipment spotlight: slope solutions

The newest eqiupment for safely harvesting on challenging slopes

August 14, 2020  By Canadian Forestry Staff Report

John Deere
The John Deere 959ML shovel logger is built for felling and log handling in difficult terrain. Available in two factory configurations – shovel logger or directional feller – all boom options have excellent downhill reach capability. When combined with the FL100 felling head, the 959ML is the ideal solution for felling and maneuvering timber in steep slope applications. The 959ML features a leveling control system with sensor technology to maximize the forward tilt angle while electronically preventing any possible mechanical interference when tilting to the side. Additionally, a roomy cab includes a large skylight and downward viewing window for increased visibility.

The KMC High Speed Steel Track Skidder can increase timber production and make fewer passes on easily compacted soils. It can log effectively whether close to the landing or at skid distances of 800 feet and more. It has the ability to operate with minimal impact on marginal and sensitive terrain, and it will log in wet weather and on steep slopes without significant soil damage. The combination of track flexibility, low ground pressure, balanced weight distribution and extendable arch make the KMC Skidder the most environmentally advanced skidding tool available.

New for Olofsfors’ EX Track is the Extreme Cleat. These add-on cleats extend the traction bar from edge to edge, providing increased traction and stability when working on the steepest slopes. EX Tracks from Olofsfors are designed for the toughest conditions where traction is the primary requirement. The cross member is shaped in such a way that it provides extreme traction in deep snow, steep slopes and rocky terrain. When equipped with EX Tracks, machines can operate in slopes unassisted or tethered with ease.

ROB offers a low centre of gravity with its bulldozer base while the blade makes an ideal anchor. Operators can work up to 45 degrees on each side of the fairleads, resulting in less repositioning of the winch. Since its inception, ROB has made innovations in safety software, improved the tension system for a smoother response and created a simpler modular valve bank.


Summit Attachments
The Summit Attachments winch assist control system is designed with common mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components. Integrated in a straightforward manner to reduce complexity and simplify overall operation, Summit Attachments uses one one-inch wire rope, simplifying the operator’s experience while providing optimum safety. Summit’s winch assist system provides safety features and alarm notifications, as well as HD live stream video of the winch to provide operators with the safety and confidence to perform their daily operation. A Summit winch assist system can be integrated to any excavator rated 30 tonnes.

The Tanguay TG88E skidder is available as a clambunk or ‘’L Boom’’ grapple configuration with a payload capacity of 35 tonnes. Powered by a 400-hp engine with proven reliable hydrostatic drive, it provides incredible maneuverability and traction for minimum ground disturbance. It also offers choice of track width for low ground pressure. The optional grapple positioner on the 45 square foot grapple and 16-foot boom reach makes it fast and easy to back up and pick up trees on steep slopes.

The LS855E shovel logger is an evolution of the well-proven 855 series track carrier platform and a powerful solution for steep slope logging. Equipped with the 5195 directional felling saw, the LS855E is suited to felling, pre-bunching and shovel logging in challenging terrain. The switchable, three-way ER boom control allows the operator to choose between ER, semi-ER and conventional operation. The new semi-ER function allows the operator to extend the boom on a horizontal plane using a single joystick, but retracts the boom with the increased power of both cylinders, doubling the pull force.

Waratah’s largest felling head, the FL95, is built to work in the toughest, steep-slope environments. The FL95 was designed with steep slope applications in mind, so it offers an extreme downslope tilt angle, which allows for felling up to a 65-degree angle without hitting stops. Plus, its low profile, robust design provides durability and optimum weight distribution for maximum carrier stability on steep slopes. The FL95 has extra large grapple capacities with a 62-inch maximum grapple opening. The fixed saw box has a maximum cut diameter of 39 inches, allowing for more work to be done faster.

Woodland Equipment
Woodland Equipment has been selling winch assist systems since 2016 and is now offering the Eltec line of leveling feller bunchers, hoe chuckers, and processors. From the 277 levelers to the 317 leveling feller buncher, the Eltec lineup is built to perform on slopes. Cummins 320-hp engines, high flow Linde pumps and hydraulic systems, massive cooling systems, 100,000 pound-force (lbf) tractive effort, and top-of-class swing torque are standard features on all Eltec equipment.

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