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European bandsaw maker in North America

July 22, 2016 - European bandsaw producer Metamob has launched a new venture in North America with an exclusive distribution agreement with Union Grove Saw & Knife.

July 21, 2016  By  Scott Jamieson


Under the terms of this agreement, Union Grove will now handle all sales and service of bandsaw blades produced by Metamob in the U.S.. Metamob will stock an inventory of commonly used sizes at Union Grove for prompt delivery to the local markets. Future plans call for the production of bandsaw blades in North Carolina under the newly formed partnership.

Istvan Hutton co-founded Metamob in 1994 to meet demand for woodworking tools in their local markets. In 1997 the company started producing various configurations of extremely high quality bandsaw and frame saw blades at competitive prices. Professional sharpening services followed in the same year. Today production is extremely focused on the niche market of wide and narrow bandsaw blades for the sawmill industry.

In May 2007, Metamob obtained quality management certificate according to ISO 9001 and in 2010 received ISO 14001 certification. The supplier says it maintains a continuous process of research and innovation to offer the best possible products while working diligently to establish long-term partnering relationships. It adds that the professional development of customers and employees alike is one of their most important business goals.


Hutton states, ”We take a lot of pride as a company in the fact that that we have a unique ability to discern customer needs and provide a customized solution for the specific application at a competitive price and timely manner. The company has developed special software applications in-house that enable the engineering department to optimize bandsaw blades for exact machinery and cutting parameters. All blade designs are completed using CAD and further produced on CNC equipment produced by Iseli in Switzerland.”

Metamob has a large installed base of Iseli machines, world reknown as the premuim basis for bandsaw production globally. Products are wet ground with exacting tolerances on this highly specialized equipment. ”To  complement this production, a CNC setting machine was developed in house for spring set tooth products to a precision of +/-0.01 mm which contributes to a better surface  finish in the cutting process,” Hutton added.

Hutton expressed, ”Customers of Metamob can expect to receive excellent cutting results from blades fully optimized for the specifc operation and machinery being used. In addition, they have a flexible production system which enables prompt delivery of specials. This, in conjunction with the inventory of standard sizes warehoused at the Union Grove, NC, facility, allow us to now be perfectly positioned for the North American markets.”

To further support their expansion into North America, Metamob is moving in the fall of 2016 to a new production facility and will significantly increase capacity. New equipment is being installed and additional factory automation is being implemented. These advancements will allow it to maintain competitive prices and reasonable delivery times. Long-term plans are to manufacture in the U.S..

Union Grove
Union Grove Saw and Knife, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Ed Bissell with a strong desire to become a regional tool company known for exceptional service and quality. Today it services over 300 customers. Most importantly the company still services and maintains its original 10 accounts.  In 2016 a new management team was established with Anthony DeHart leading the expansion efforts.

The company says that Union Grove has built a reputation for being competitively priced while delivering a consistently high standard of workmanship and quality products, and maintaining timely deliveries in ever changing market conditions.

Union Grove now has over 125 pieces of specialized equipment all dedicated to servicing cutting tools. This equipment along with a highly-trained staff provides the highest level of craftsmanship and tooling specifications within the industry. A new managment team combined with the core employees within its organization have vast experience in not only the production and design of cutting tools, but most importantly the disciplines surrounding the effective selection, utilization and maintenance for the lowest possible total cost.

Union Grove offers the complete range of Metamob products from its base of operations in North Carolina. Standard bandsaw blades trademarked METABLADE are specifically designed for cutting logs in various conditions. Union Grove says they are known for high durability and easy maintenance due to the level and tensioning provided in production.

For demanding applications, the highest durability and precision cutting applications, the product lines of METAPREMIUM and METAPRECISION are offered. These blades are produced from the highest quality raw materials under extremely controlled conditons and are capabale of performing at the highest level, the supplier notes. 

All configurations are available with equal or variable pitch-tooth forms in any shape requested. New tooth shapes to increase stability, offer faster speeds and ensure sawdust evacutation are available. Sizes range from 4” wide thru 14” in width in thickness from .042” thru .083” incrementally.

METGOLD bandsaw blades are offered for high stability in portable bandsaw mills. Sizes range from 1-1/4” wide thru 3” width in thickness from .035” thru .049” incrementally. Teeth are set and hardened to 58/61  HrC in various pitch and hook angles.

More info can be found at Union’s website.


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