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Level 1 ControlLogix PLC Troubleshooting class

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October 22 - October 23, 2019
Red Deer, Alta.

CD Industrial Group is hosting a Level 1 class on ControlLogix PLC troubleshooting. In level 1 you will get connected over USB cable, download programs, modify basic instructions such as Examine if Open (XIO), Examine if Closed (XIC), Output Energize (OTE), Output Latch/Unlatch (OTL, OTU), Timers, Counters, Compares, and more.

Digital input/ouput module configuration will be thoroughly covered. You’ll hook up field wiring with our I/O panels and components, you’ll decode the sometimes confusing wiring arm diagrams, hook up NPN sinking and PNP sourcing, 3-wire proximity sensors, conduct field wiring troubleshooting with multimeter and with the RSLogix 5000 software.

You’ll get comfortable with tag-based addressing, learn how to group up and monitor your favorite tags, and more. All of this while making the blinking lights happen on the I/O panels. A full course outline can be found here.

It’s all hands-on and hot lunch will be provided! Instructor Ted and I are looking forward to seeing you in October. Don’t wait to long to grab a spot! To participate in the class, sign up here.

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