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Fecon offers standard flow mulcher head

September 5, 2023  By Fecon

Fecon offers the RK6015 Bull Hog mulcher attachment. The RK6015 adapts to most 75- horsepower, standard flow skid steer or compact track loaders and the compact design makes it easy to transport without a CDL making it an ideal product for rental.

“We’ve been dedicated to providing customers with innovative, high-quality site-clearing attachments for more than three decades,” said Mark Middendorf, Fecon’s executive vice-president of sales. “We understand how to optimize both performance and durability and have a loyal customer base because of it. This skid steer mulching attachment is a smart investment for those looking to increase utilization and expand the versatility of their fleet.”

A bite-limiting 60-inch split-ring rotor holds 26 reversible knife tools providing a longer service life and ease of use for even inexperienced operators. The reversible knife tools feature 70 to 100 hours of use per edge and can be flipped to extend the total life of the tool to 140 to 200 hours, enabling optimal performance and longevity. Optional carbidetype cutting tools provide added durability for ground clearing in extremely hard or rocky conditions.

Operating at 2,400 rpm, the RK6015 can shred brush and small trees up to five inches in diameter, making it an excellent tool for general vegetation management, fire prevention lines, clearing fence rows, lot and land cleanup and more. An adjustable bolt-on push bar with serrated ears effectively directs thick and heavy material to the mulching rotor.


The RK6015 mulcher head requires a dedicated hydraulic flow between 17 and 27 gpm and a carrier machine able to accommodate the 1,465-pound attachment weight. For operator safety, the carrier must include a fully enclosed cab protected with the appropriate polycarbonate guarding.

Fecon backs the unit with its standard 12-month/1,000-hour warranty.

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