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Federal government and PEI helping forest sector save energy

June 12, 2018 - A federal investment of $23.8 million is set to help the people of Prince Edward Island improve energy efficiency in their homes, businesses, industries, and farm operations across the province, as well as reduce carbon pollution in the forestry sector. This joint investment between the Canadian government and P.E.I., totals $47.8 million.

June 12, 2018  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

The Canadian government’s funding will support a number of the province’s programs that take climate action, including expanding and managing forests for carbon sequestration. That program will enhance the capacity of carbon storage through the conversion and development of new forests on idle and less productive agricultural land.

“The environment and the economy go hand in hand,” Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada said in a statement. “By investing in P.E.I., to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and by reducing emissions in the agriculture and forestry sectors, we are supporting PEI’s economy, creating good middle-class jobs, and tackling climate change while providing savings for Islanders.”

P.E.I., is investing $24 million to support a wide range of projects to help families, businesses, industries, farmers, and landowners make environmentally friendly changes that benefit the economy and the environment. With this investment, Islanders will continue to benefit from a clean environment and make the province a leader in the global fight against climate change.


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