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Feller bunchers: Newest feller bunchers on the Canadian market

Aug. 13, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries has compiled the newest feller bunchers on the Canadian market.

August 13, 2018  By Canadian Forestry Staff

Newest feller bunchers on the Canadian market


The Eltec feller bunchers are designed and purpose-built to deliver high productivity, consistent with the demands of a 24 hour-a-day, seven days-a-week final felling application. The high capacity in combination with the compact makes the Eltec forestry machines able to handle a variety of different demanding harvesting applications with great performance. The tilt adjustment allows setting the platform at the best angle in order to provide the best options for logging application. The technical features focused on reducing noise and fuel consumption make Eltec feller bunchers not only high performing, but also environmentally friendly. Eltec is created by loggers for loggers.

Pierce Pacific
Pierce’s family of steep slope feller buncher booms are clearing the way to the extreme slopes of West Coast forests. Pierce boom configurations operate in conjunction with a tethering system that allows you to virtually eliminate dangerous and costly hand cutting.
The Pierce family of steep slope feller buncher booms are currently available in live heel for steep slope directional felling, live heel for levelling shovel logging, and a two-piece configuration, also for directional felling. All three can shovel/hoe chuck logs directly to the landing, where the Pierce GP (grapple processor) processes and loads, completing the job with one efficient landing machine.


Cat track feller bunchers feature the best combination of lift capacity, swing torque and tractive effort ratios to boost production. Their efficiency and durability help increase profitability. The company offers four proven models. The Cat 541 and 552 Series 2 are full tail swing machines designed for high-production clear-cutting or final fell applications in rough environments. The Cat 521 and 522 B Series are near-zero tail swing machines, which are more attractive for felling and bunching in select cut and thinning applications. Caterpillar offers a levelling machine in each model series for more efficient operation in steep terrain.

John Deere
The powerful line of John Deere tracked feller bunchers includes six models and provides loggers with the reliability and productivity they need for variety of applications. Equipped with a 300 hp or 330 hp engine based on the model, the M-Series tracked feller bunchers provide reliable multifunction performance. A longer, wider machine undercarriage provides maximum power and stability, no matter the environment, and strong tractive effort increases capability for difficult or steep terrain or deep snow. The comfortable operator station features fully adjustable armrests, fingertip control of all machine functions and an air-conditioned seat that offers daylong comfort in the climate-controlled cab.

The Komatsu XT460L-3 Feller Buncher boasts a modern forestry cab that features a state-of-the-art control system and superior ergonomics. Combined with a powerful 300-hp engine, high lift capacity, powerful swing torque, and a robust Komatsu undercarriage, the XT460L-3 provides high levels of operator comfort, ease of operation, productivity, reliability and durability. The spacious cab features large windows which provide the operator with a commanding widescreen working view. An all LED lighting system provides excellent visibility in low light conditions. The advanced IQAN-MD4 control system utilizes highly intuitive Komatsu programming which makes the system very easy to use.

Tigercat X870D and LX870D track feller bunchers excel in tough terrain, high-cycle felling, oversized timber and extreme temperature applications. The D-series model has an enhanced cab with expanded sight lines to both the right and left sides. Maintenance access is outstanding with a clamshell style retracting roof enclosure and side platform for daily service access. The LX870D uses Tigercat’s patented super-duty levelling base featuring massive pins and cylinders, tapered roller bearings, and thick steel plate throughout. The new R7-163L track frames are 330 mm (13 in) longer for increased stability on steep slopes. Closed loop track drive provides outstanding speed and performance along with greater hydraulic efficiency. This model comes optionally equipped with Tigercat’s telematics solution, RemoteLog, which has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of loggers with a robust satellite datalink and easy-to-use web portal. New machines equipped with this option come with a free one-year subscription.

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