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Fire at New Brunswick mill destroys dry kiln

August 8, 2019  By  Ellen Cools

A fire broke out at Penobsquis, N.B.-based Ayat Timbers International on Saturday, which destroyed the mill’s dry kiln.

The fire took nearly five hours to put out, and no one was injured, reports CBC News. However, the fire spread from the dry kiln to the pile of about 60,000 mmbf of wood waiting to be trimmed and shipped, plus trees around the property.

Mill owner Javed Mian told CBC News that two hours before the fire broke out, he had checked the moisture levels of the approximately 35,000 mmbf of wood drying in the kiln, and everything seemed fine.

“[The] fire marshal told me that apparently all the safety measures that could have been humanly possible were in place,” Mian said.


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