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Firefighters continue battling large forest fires in Kenora, Ont.

May 28, 2021  By  Ellen Cools

Firefighters are continuing suppression efforts on four large forest fires in the Kenora and Red Lakes regions of Ontario. Two of the fires, Kenora 27, which is about 4,480 hectares, and Red Lake 10, which is about 6,000 hectares, are now classified as being held, according to CBC News.

Two more fires are classified as not under control: Kenora 25, is about 2,000 hectares, while Kenora 30 is about 1,160 hectares. Another forest fire, Sioux Lookout 3, is not under control at about 3,400 hectares.

CBC News reports that Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services says the fire hazard in the region is mainly low to moderate, with a few areas classified as high hazard.

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