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Latest trends in sawmill scanning and optimization

May 24, 2016 - When OptiSaw West takes the stage on June 14 in Vancouver, several of the latest trends in sawmill scanning and optimization will be front and centre. 

Profiling at log breakdown
Attendees will hear how the addition of profiling systems at primary and secondary breakdown can improve mill margins, and will be walked through a case study of this approach in action. 

Auto log and lumber grading closes optimization loop
A technology developed in Scandinavia but now being implemented in North America, this approach includes multi-directional x-ray scanning, vision scanners, lasers and tracheid. By tracing boards back to individual logs, mills can verify optimization outcomes and close the loop in process control. Case studies and upcoming North American projects will be discussed. 

Obvious unsound wood detection at the trimmer optimizer
This presentation will focus on how 3D data can be used to identify obvious unsound wood (rot) detection at the trimmer optimizer. It will focus on the technology’s benefits and look at its successful installation at a Quebec sawmill.

Seats are limited so register now! 

May 24, 2016  By Scott Jamieson

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