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FONOM calls Greenpeace to rejoin CBFA

The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities is calling on Greenpeace Canada to rejoin the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA), Greenpeace quit the CBFA in December, 2012.

Greenpeace had alledged that Resolute Forestry Products were logging in protected areas and building illegal roads, actions that ran counter to the agreement. Greenpeace later publicly recanted and apologized once their allegations were shown to be false.

“Greenpeace’s actions show why this agreement is so important," said Al Spacek, mayor of Kapuskasing, Ont., and president of FONOM. "The CBFA was designed specifically to avoid this kind of unwarranted attack that is harmful to Canada’s reputation and the economies of hundreds of communities that rely on the sustainable development of boreal forest resources.

"It’s time Greenpeace came back to the table and worked constructively with industry partners.”

May 8, 2013  By FONOM

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