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Forest Enhancement Society of BC allocates $10M to reduce wood waste

February 8, 2019  By  Ellen Cools

The Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia, a partner in the B.C. Ministry of Forests’ Forest Carbon Initiative, has expedited the approval of $10 million in funding for projects that will redirect more wood waste to mills, create more jobs and reduce carbon emissions.

According to a news release, the individual grants range from $90,500 to $3,430,491 and cover nine projects in the B.C. Interior. These projects were chosen from 33 applications submitted in response to a call for proposals focusing on using fibre to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The recovered wood from these projects will be used as chips for pulp, wood pellets, hog fuel for bioenergy and cants.

“The Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia’s board of directors is delighted to expedite the approval of these fibre utilization projects so that operations on the ground can begin immediately,” said Wayne Clogg, board chair, Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia, in a statement. “The society is pleased to assist with these projects because doing so will avoid carbon emissions, reduce smoke caused by slash burning, support jobs and potentially displace some fossil fuels.”


Thanks to the expedited approval process, wood waste will start being moved out of B.C.’s forest this winter. Over 1.13 million cubic metres of fibre will be removed.

“This is good for local jobs and for the health of the forests, and it is a positive step toward increased safety for forest-dependent communities,” said Doug Donaldson, B.C. Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, in a statement. “Companies and workers will be able to make better use of residual timber and, in addition to creating employment and reducing waste, this approach will also help to reduce fuel on the landscape to mitigate wildfire risk.”

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