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Forest Resource Advisors launches new investment advisory service

January 15, 2019  By Forest Resource Advisors, Inc.

Forest Resource Advisors, Inc. announced the launch of its new investment advisory service. Timberland investment veterans John D. Enlow and Eric D. Schwefler created the partnership to help investors unlock value and maximize performance from potential and existing timberland and forest products investment portfolios.

Underserved niche and focus on long-term investors

The global investment landscape in timberland has grown to more than $100 billion, driven by continued institutional investor demand for unique alternative investments. Forest Resource Advisors focuses on this underserved niche in the market for long-term investors seeking sector specific expertise and experience creating enhanced returns from forest resource investments.

Evolution of investor preferences

There have been evolving viewpoints and changes in preference from the investor community on how best to own and operate timberland portfolios. With the introduction of new investment products, strategies, and services, the investment landscape today is more complex and dislocated than it has been in the past 30 years.

“Timberland investment returns have compressed significantly over the past several years, with many regions now facing unique challenges and opportunities. This creates a greater need than ever to understand the breadth and depth of the issues affecting investment performance,” said John Enlow, principal of Forest Resource Advisors, “We utilize a consultative and customized approach to help investors achieve their objectives by leveraging our decades of expertise and in-depth industry knowledge across timberland investment disciplines and geographies.”


Founded in 2018, Forest Resource Advisors, Inc. offers a wide range of investment advisory services to help connect the forest and financial returns for timberland and forest products investors.

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