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New Prentice loader improves efficiency

A new Prentice B Series Knuckleboom log loader recently launched by Cat Forest Products provides loggers with the best of both worlds – high production levels and low fuel consumption. The 2384 B achieves this through an enhanced engine and hydraulic power system, a choice of three operating modes, and an automatic idle down system.

More efficient use of horsepower to cut fuel consumption and maintain production is achieved through reduced engine and fan speeds, a reengineered hydraulic pump and bigger hydraulic lines. Loader performance is further improved by a 15% increase in swing torque and modified main control valve spools that improve cycling to lower the boom faster. The faster grapple action is achieved through the  increase in the hydraulic line size.

The three operating modes include the Run Mode for normal applications, the Power Boost Mode with a 40% increase in productivity muscle for heavy duty delimbing, and new to the B Series of machines, the Intermediate Mode, which provides the operator with an option that fits between Run and Power Boost.

Other major features on the machine include: the Auto Idle Down, which conserves fuel by providing full power only as required; a diagnostic screen on the console that gives data on many of the machine’s vital signs; a new heating and air conditioning system; and lower noise levels in the cab.  www.prenticeforestry.com


Bracke trencher offers improved efficiency
The world’s first four-row disc trencher is about to hit the market. The T26 twin from Sweden-based Bracke Forest is scheduled to be released this spring. The company says it is the world’s largest and most productive disc trencher for use in the forestry industry.

The new machine has the capability of reaching a production rate of 2.8 hectares per hour, which is an increase of more than 80% over the company’s two-row model. The added production results in lower fuel consumption and wage costs per hectare.

The T26 Twin has been developed for the company’s markets where large forwarders are used, including the Nordic region and North America. www.brackeforest.com


John Deere skidder updates
John Deere has announced updates to its skidder product line with a new lock-up torque converter option for the 640H and 648H skidders and a standard brake declutch on all of its direct drive skidders.

The company says the lock-up torque converter will provide skidder operators with “a significant increase in productivity in the woods” when compared to a standard torque converter. Deere’s lock-up converter stays locked during shifting and through a wider range of ground speeds, which according to the company, keeps the machine momentum through shifts and helps to ensure a smoother ride. In a productivity comparison, John Deere says a 648H skidder with the lock-up option moved 24.4 per cent more tons per hour under maximum load than a unit equipped with a standard torque converter.

The brake declutch feature, which was previously standard on all John Deere torque converter and lock-up torque converter skidders, is now standard on direct drive skidder models 540G-III, 548G-III, 640H, 648H and 748H. The change makes the skidders easier to operate,improving productivity as with the flip of a switch, the operator no longer has to work the clutch pedal or the Forward-Neutral-Reverse shifter when using the grapple.   www.deere.com


New Sennebogen material handlers
Sennebogen LLC has announced the launch of its latest line of purpose-built material handlers with the 835 and 840 D Series. The new models offer the same safety and comfort features of the 825 and 830 D Series machines and come equipped with powerful and emissions-compliant Cummins Tier II engines.

The Sennebogen material handlers can be found in a variety of applications and are becoming common in mill log yards, where the extended reach of the boom can allow for logs to be stacked higher. The new models are available in a number of configurations, including rubber tired and crawler models, and a pedestal mounted machine or an electrically-driven machine. Both the 835 and 840 D Series models feature the 264 HP Cummins diesel engine. The 835 D Series offers an operating weight of 100,000 lbs while the 840 D Series operating weight is 123,000 lbs. www.sennebogen-na.com


Toys for the boys
For the logger that wants all of the latest toys, Yamaha has introduced the Rhino 700FI side-by-side off road machine in a Special Edition trim. In addition to the features found on all Rhino 700 series models, such as a fully automatic Ultramatic transmission, On Command dash mounted buttons that let you choose between 2WD and 4WD or 4WD with locked front differential, and a 4 stroke, SOHC, liquid-cooled, 4 valve engine, the Special Edition model features extras such as polished aluminum wheels, a sporty front brush guard and a functional sun top.

The 700 series models range in price form $14,999 to $17,049. The Special Edition comes in at $15,749. All prices are MSRP.  www.yamaha-motor.ca


New forestry tire
Israel-based Alliance Tire has introduced a new flotation diagonal forestry tire developed mainly for use on modern forestry harvesters and forwarders. The tire is designed to handle high traction requirements and improves fuel economy. In addition, the tire offers low soil compaction and improved ride comfort. The tire is constructed with a strong nylon casing and steel belts, thick sidewalls, special tread compounds and a protective mud guard.  www.alliance.co.il


Best dressed loggers?
What are the best dressed loggers wearing this year? It could be functional Valmet-brand clothing. The company has offered clothing for some time, but they say their “new line of cool, high quality clothing for work or play will provide customers with a sense of pride in being part of the Valmet family.”

The design work for Valmet’s newest winter collection was outsourced to a specialist clothing company where the designers produced unique garments for Valmet, all with a common colour scheme. This new range is a winter collection, but Valmet says they hope to broaden the range about twice a year. The clothing is available from your local Valmet dealer, or at the Valmet on line store.  www.komatsuforest.com



  • Paris, ON-based Tigercat has appointed ICC Peru SAC as its authorized full service dealer for Peru. ICC Peru has been in business since 1995 and is a leading after market supplier of track components, engine parts and ground engagement tools. The company’s main office and service facility is in Lima.
  • Tigercat is finding a new market for its machines in Sweden. The company says Swedish scarifying contractors are turning to the super-duty Tigercat machines to handle demanding applications in steep and rocky terrain. The Paris, Ontario company’s 1075B forwarder and its 625/635 series six wheel drive skidders are particularly well suited to the extreme conditions.
  • Komatsu America Corp. and its affiliate company Komatsu Forest LLC are consolidating all Komatsu Forest operations in Shawano, WI into Komatsu America’s facilities in Tennessee and Illinois. “This action allows Komatsu to consolidate operations and better utilize our resources,” said David Grzelak, chairman and CEO of Komatsu America Corp.

November 15, 2011  By Bill Tice

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