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Tigercat Upgrades and News

Paris, Ont.-based Tigercat announced the release of the 620D skidder in January. This is the third machine in the company’s skidder line-up to receive the D-series upgrades.

Refinements made to the hydraulic drive line enable improved performance and fuel economy. An optional variable/reversible pitch Flexxaire engine mounted fan further contributes to energy efficiency in cooler climates by automatically adjusting the fan blade pitch to cooling requirements.


The 630D cab is equipped with Tigercat’s Turnaround feature, which provides the operator with full rear-facing drive capability. The steering wheel has been replaced with an armrest mounted joystick for improved ergonomics.

In other Tigercat news, the company has been testing its new LS855C shovel logger in steep slope applications in South America and Tasmania. The company says this “highly refined” machine uses the durable C-series upper assembly and has the same FH400 undercarriage and super duty leveling system as the L870C feller buncher.

Tigercat is an industry leader in hydraulic systems and the LS855C has the added benefit of ER technology, which allows the operator to extend and retract  the boom on a horizontal plane using a single joystick. Tigercat says this transfers energy back and forth between the main and the stick boom functions, reducing the total energy required and freeing this energy up for other machine functions or fuel savings.



Cat Upgrades Bunching Saw

Cat Forest Products has made enhancements to the Prentice SH-50 bunching saw that will offer increased performance, durability and reliability.

Introduced two years ago, the saw features the “Straight Grip” bunching finger, which makes it ideal for first and second thinnings as tops are kept together, creating tight bunches.

Cat says recent enhancements improve performance and lower operating costs. The discharge chute has been enlarged 130% to quickly exhaust chips and debris from the saw housing. Hydraulic hoses have been upsized and rerouted to improve reliability, while a new bulkhead holds the bunching finger hoses neatly in place and reduces wear. All guards that protect hoses and the saw motor have been beefed up.


November 15, 2011  By  Trina Dillon

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