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Deere in full swing with new D-series

John Deere has introduced the D-series Swing Machines, including three purpose-built models — the 2154D, 2454D and 2954D. Designed to withstand the toughest forest environments, the D-series features “next-size-up” swing systems, a new boom base design, and a smart cooling package — all designed for improved durability, productivity, and low maintenance costs. 

Each durable D-Series model features a swing system sized with larger components for extended life and Deere’s smart cooling package which includes a hydraulically-driven, on-demand fan with reversing option for debris management that keeps the machines productive. The fronts have been re-designed, the upper frames strengthened and the boom pin tolerances have been improved, resulting in increased durability.
D-series key features include:

  • Purpose-built upper frame with a stronger boom and bearing mounting area
  • Solid under-decking with removable service panels
  • Durable track chain with increased strength
  • Efficient hydraulic system that automatically matches the power output to the load
  • Powerful arm strength for optimized lift capacity on log loaders
  • Standard 277-gallon fuel tank allows for extended run times between fill ups
  • Best-in-class Waratah Forestry Attachments

John Deere designed the cabs to increase productivity and operator comfort.  Based on the application, cabs come mounted on either a 7-in. (178 mm) fixed or 48-in. (1,219 mm) hydraulically tilting riser for ease of entry.  All cabs have easily accessible joystick controls and switches, and sightlines that enable maximized worksite visibility. A rear-entry cab is optional.

The D-series is appropriate for harvesting and processing, as well as road building or shovel logging.  Several configurations, including Road Builder, Processor, Live Heel Loader, BNT Loader, Power Clam, or Delimber Carrier are available for different customer applications. www.deere.com


Cat bunchers 40% better

Major improvements to the Caterpillar line of track feller bunchers have resulted in significant advances in multi-functioning, maneuverability, tractive effort, and saw recovery time the manufacturer says. Upgrades to the IQAN and hydraulic control systems that manage engine horsepower and hydraulic flow sharing have produced a 40% improvement in the machine’s implement and travel multi-functioning ability. The new Cat 500 Series track feller buncher climbs steep slopes while operating the boom, stick, and tool functions simultaneously. These upgrades include Power Shift, the proven horsepower-hydraulic management system already found in other Cat forestry machines. Design changes to the tool cylinder and head mounting adapter provide a 44% improvement in tool force capacity. This allows the operator to pick up and place larger trees precisely, increasing overall productivity. Finally, the bunchers have a new boom cylinder design that gives the operator the ability to spot turn with a single function to manoeuvre around stumps or get out of deep mud. This added feature also help minimize ground disturbance. www.forestpro.com


Feric offers web-based business improvement tool for loggers
Continuous improvement should be a goal for any logger (or forest company for that matter), and now FPInnovations’ Feric division has a web-based diagnostic tool to help loggers assess their business performance, and put them on the road to better business. DiagFor consists of an on-line questionnaire that evaluates contractor business practices based on various aspects of their work. Any logger with Internet access can use the tool, as no software is required. The tool was developed in conjunction with AbitibiBowater Inc., and can be used independently or in collaboration with clients. Business areas include human resources, production, safety, the environment, quality, and more. At each level, users must answer yes or no to four questions, with the results generating a report that includes links to targeted improvement areas. The site also offers contractors the chance to compare themselves against “average” colleagues, or to track performance changes over time. www.diagfor.com


From logs to a hot shavings market
Fulghum Industries, the debarker and chipper expert, has created what it calls the next generation in shaving machines.  The Boss Man Shaver has a one-piece, heavy duty frame with two stationery log feed bins for easy, automated loading and maximum production. Mandrels can be adjusted up or down in seconds.  Knife changing times are reduced significantly by a knife cassette system.  Spare cassettes and knives allow for preparation and adjustment ahead of knife changing.  With trained personnel, knife changes can be done in as little as 30 minutes per mandrel.  www.fulghum.com


Komatsu intros long-reach forestry carrier

A new PC220LL-8 Tier 3 compliant forestry excavator built in Tennessee is now available. Powered by an improved 168-hp Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine, the PC220LL-8 has 30% more swing torque and larger 8.5-in pitch track on the high and wide undercarriage. It also has 24% more drawbar pull than the standard PC220LC-8. A new easy-to-view 7-in LCD colour display and Komatsu Komtrax 3 satellite communication system monitor all vehicle systems, maintenance, and location. New forestry cab/risers, meeting Oregon OSHA requirements, are available with optional 1.25-in (31 mm) polycarbonate window. It comes with a Komatsu designed, built, and branded 38-ft reach logging front. Factory authorized HKX hydraulic line kits are also available for harvesting and processing duties.


Rugged oil for rugged machines
ConocoPhillips Lubricants has upgraded its TO-4 transmission oil products line to meet the increasing demands for higher performance fluids in today’s heavy duty machinery.  As part of the upgrade, the current line featuring Conoco PowerDrive Fluid, Phillips 66 Torque Fluid, 76 Lubricants HT/4 Fluid and Kendall Powershift Transmission Fluid will be enhanced with a state-of-the-art additive technology that provides better equipment protection and improved performance while increasing productivity through reduced equipment maintenance and related downtime, according to Reginald Dias, Director, Commercial Products Lubricants, ConocoPhillips Company. “ConocoPhillips Lubricants’ upgraded transmission fluids not only meet or exceed the current industry specifications; they also provide elevated performance in friction control, load carrying capacity and the protection of hydraulic systems.” The new TO-4 fluids come in several different viscosity grades for use in the final drive gear box (heavy), transmission (medium) and hydraulics (light) systems.  The revised fluids directly replace the previous generation fluids and set a higher performance standard for lubricants used in loaders, graders, dozers, large trucks and other off-highway machinery, including forestry, construction, extraction and mining.  The product upgrade was specifically designed to increase productivity and safety while eliminating downtime and maintenance needs.  


Tops & Branches
Two new hydraulic lines kits are available for Komatsu excavators from HKX; four –line and six-line options are designed to work with all available processing and harvesting heads. These installation lines arrangements are currently designed to fit Komatsu PC200 and PC220 excavator style booms and sticks. www.HKX.com

Ontrac Equipment Services Inc. has changed its name to Nortrax Canada Inc., bringing the John Deere retailer into brand alignment with its US-based sibling. Nortrax Canada management says the name change will enable increased market presence and greater competitive advantage in Canada through use of Nortrax marketing and advertising resources. www.nortrax.com

Caterpillar Inc. has selected CleanAIR Systems Inc. of Santa Fe, NM as the Caterpillar strategic alliance partner for emission retrofit products.

November 16, 2011  By  Scott Jamieson

John Deere has introduced the D-series Swing Machines

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