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Tigercat Unveils 1135 Harvester

After three years of product development, Tigercat AB, based in Hede Sweden, has retailed the prototype 1135 harvester.
The 1135 replaces the Tigercat H09, falling into a specialized harvester class. According to CTL product manager Jon Cooper, the eight-wheel-drive machine “is specifically designed to maneuver between forwarding rows in tightly spaced first thinning stands, dramatically increasing forwarder row spacing and residual stand quality.”

The harvester is designed to achieve high production rates, with the lightest possible impact in managed forests: to this end, it is narrow and highly maneuverable, with powerful steer cylinders, a tight turn radius, perfect wheel tracking, bogie lifts and ample ground clearance. The parallel linkage crane has a 9.3-m reach achieved with a 2-m telescoping stick. The crane base is equipped with fore/aft leveling to maintain powerful slewing capability in uneven terrain and has a side tilt function that allows the operator to reach around standing trees.


More From Morbark

Morbark, Inc. is offering a second Quick Switch sawdust conversion kit that allows grinder owners to diversify their product offerings by simply modifying the hammermill of their Morbark horizontal grinder. The new kit not only allows grinder owners to make the high-quality, standard-sized chips of the original kit, but it also allows them to produce mulch or sawdust, which gives them the option to supply the large-volume sawdust market. The basic difference between the two kits is that the sawdust kit uses up to 16 knives, four more than the original, and, unlike conversion methods from other manufacturers, the Sawdust kit does not require removal or replacement of the hammermill from the unit. It is available on Morbark horizontal grinder models 3800, 4600, 4600XL and 6600 from any model year, in wheeled or track versions. For more information, or to watch a video, visit: www.morbark.com/quickswitch.

In the heavy-duty whole-tree chipper line, Morbark, Inc. also has added the compact 25/36 whole-tree chipper. The Morbark 25/36 uses the proven design and technologies of the Morbark 30/36 and 40/36 models, but with a more compact profile. Aimed at the in-woods chipping market, the chipper is an ideal unit for processing moderate volumes. This compact, highly efficient chipper is equipped with a 25 x 22 in. infeed opening and horsepower options ranging from 325 to 400 hp. Patrick Andres, sales manager for the Western U.S., believes “the 25/36 will allow operators to enter the biomass fuel market with a smaller capital investment.” Standard equipment on the Morbark 25/36 includes the Morbark Integrated Control System, a diagnostic system that monitors hydraulic pressures, temperatures, clutch systems and engine efficiency while automatically adjusting to maximize performance.


New Hultdins Website

Hultdins has recently launched a new website that covers all details of its grapples, saw units, and rotator products for the forestry, construction, and material handling industries.


John Deere Delivers Powerful Machines

900 K-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers – John Deere has been busy this spring with several new products making their debut in the North American market, including the 900 K-series tracked feller bunchers. The largest of these – the 953K and the 959K – come with a 330-hp engine standard, while the smaller 903K and 909K have dual power options at 300 hp and 330 hp, respectively. Designed with a quick-recovery saw that never slows down, best-in-class felling head accumulation that picks up more trees at once and high-tractive effort-to-weight ratio with low ground pressure for smooth operation, the 900 K-series makes the most of an operator’s time.

The 903, 909, 953 and 959 models will change from the J- to K-series. The 853J is replaced by the 903K, with optional 8.0-inch pitch undercarriage. 900 KH-Series Tracked Harvesters – The company has also released its new 900 KH-series tracked harvesters, which offer extra power and productivity, with dual power options at 300 or 330 hp. Dual swing motors offer high torque and a power management system ensures no power is wasted.

The KH-series boasts the lowest daily fuel cost in the industry; a 295-gallon fuel tank that lets you get more done between fill-ups; a measuring system for optimized performance and quick, consistent troubleshooting; a protected undercarriage with double flange rollers for maximum durability; and a best-in-class levelling system to keep the upper frame level, even when the tracks are climbing or tilting on tough slopes.

The series features Waratah heads that are available in HTH622B, HTH623C and HTH624C configurations.

E-Series of Wheeled Harvesters and Forwarders – This spring has also seen the E-series forest machines launched in North America. The latest in Deere’s line of wheeled harvesters and forwarders, these models are designed with stronger frames than their predecessors and equipped with rotating and levelling cabs.

Andrew Bonde, marketing manager at John Deere, says, “Operators have told us that they like the E-series for its steady and accurate movement, combined with unprecedented comfort and visibility.”

All E-series harvesters and forwarders offer comfort, control and reliability through such features as a rotating and leveling cab that offers 360 degrees of visibility, automatic air-conditioning of the new cab and low noise
vibration levels.

The four models in the harvester family include the 1070E (available in a four- or six-wheel version), 1170E, 1270E and the 1470E. The series features new generation harvester heads, increased load capacity in the two largest models and the new TimberMatic H-09 measuring and automation system to monitor performance.

The six forwarders are the 810E, 1010E, 1110E, 1210E, 1510E and 1910E.

November 10, 2011  By Bill Tice

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