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Forestry job crunch looming

Human resource managers in the forest industry will have their hands full over the next few years.

September 4, 2012  By  John Tenpenny

While employment has had some significant ups and downs, the recent turnaround has created a challenge not unfamiliar to any of the resource players in Canada: the prospect of filling tens of thousands of new jobs from a shrinking talent pool.

“The industry experienced a dramatic job loss across Canada in recent years,” Jim Farrell, executive director of the Forest Products Sector Council in Ottawa told the National Post. “I’d say we were pretty much close to the bottom, depending on the part of the country and type of operation.”

With the recent upswing, however, estimates are there will be about 60,000 new jobs in the forest products industry over the next eight years, according to the Forest Products Association of Canada.

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