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Equipment spotlight: Forestry mulchers

October 9, 2015 - CFI checks out the latest innovations and technologies in forestry mulchers.

Rayco (1-MAIN)
The C260 is a mid-sized mulcher that delivers 260 hp in a compact, low ground pressure package. This mulcher is suited for clearing small trees, underbrush, and a variety of unwanted vegetation across a wide range of environments. The heavy-duty steel undercarriage and powerful final drives allow operators to tackle difficult terrain with confidence. Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design keeps engine and hydraulic temperatures within their limits in the harshest of environments.

October 9, 2015  By Staff report

low ground pressure package.


Bandit (2)
Get attached with Bandit’s Model 60FM and Model 72FM forestry mulcher heads for skid-steer loaders. Built to function just like heavy-duty forestry mowers, these units pack all the power of a Bandit in a compact unit. These mulchers attach to skid-steer loaders and are operated via the skid steer’s on-board hydraulic lines, so they are easy to maintain, simple to use, and powerful additions to your lineup. Learn more at www.banditchippers.com.

Tigercat (3)
Tigercat’s 470 mulcher is equipped with the Tigercat FPT C87 Tier 4f 245 kW (328 hp) engine. It is narrow and agile with extremely low ground pressure, rated at 20,9 kPa (3 psi). The 470 is best suited to tough terrain and sensitive site, right-of-way jobs. The 470 is equipped with an efficient, high-capacity cooling system with a variable speed fan and automatic reversing cycle, a dedicated attachment pump and an efficient closed loop track drive system.

PrimeTech (4)
PrimeTech, part of FAE Group, is a global leader in the production of self-propelled, tracked carriers for forestry, agriculture and road construction. PrimeTech operates internationally with its range of four models: the smallest PT-175, with 160 hp; the medium, low ground pressure PT-300, with 275 hp; the brand new PT-475 for heavy-duty applications, with 475 hp; and the PT-600, for the hardest and toughest jobs out there, with 600 hp.


Depending on the job you want to do, PrimeTech’s tracked carriers can be equipped with mulching heads, soil stabilizers, rock crushers, asphalt grinders and stump cutters.

Caterpillar (5)
The Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor has the muscle to run power-hungry attachments, like the Cat HM825 Mulcher and BR624 Brushcutter. The 350-hp engine and oversized hydraulic system push more flow to the attachment for faster recovery without slowing other functions. The high capacity cooling system keeps the machine running cool. The on-demand reversing fan spins only as fast as needed to maintain proper hydraulic and engine temperatures.

Vermeer (6)
The Vermeer FT300 forestry tractor with mulcher head features a 300-hp (223 kW) Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final (EU Stage IV) diesel engine. A ringed rotor design helps guide material to the 23 cutting tips for a cleaner cutting path, and a patent-pending self-positioning thrown object deflector helps direct thrown material at a consistent discharge angle, regardless of head position. Contractors can choose from sharp planar, clad-faced planar or impact-resistant interchangeable tips.

FAE Group (7)
The FAE Group offers a complete range of PTO- and hydraulic-driven mulching heads to suit the needs of any operation. PTO-driven mulching heads for three-point tractor mount are ideal for brush cutting, underbrush, branches, wild fire prevention and all types of land clearing. Hydraulic driven heads can be used on excavators and skid steers, including heavy-duty forestry mulchers to meet the needs of any contractor.

Prinoth (8)
Prinoth offers a full line of mulching equipment including the RT 200 (173 hp), Raptor 500 (440 hp) and the Raptor 800 (630 hp). Its mulching equipment is developed for harsh conditions and difficult tasks including land clearing, right-of-way clearing, vegetation management and site preparation where sub-soiling is necessary.

Nokamic (9)
Nokamic has designed a unique mulcher head with a rotor made up of rocker arms and ultra-resistant blades that revolve 1,800 rpms at high speed. This combination is able to shred stems, stumps and trees without interfering with the work and has rock protection that limits breakage on rockier terrain. When shredding wood residues, the NP-8030 leaves a carpet of shavings behind, which makes it easier for the workers to move about and contributes to the fast decomposition of the residual matter.

Seppi  (10)
Starforst is a powerful yet easily maneuverable forestry mulcher. Its agility stems from the articulated and self-aligning three-point linkage to reach large inclinations. The improved roller now has a larger diameter and a higher number of toothed rings and is thus able to penetrate the soil more easily, ensuring a smooth movement of the roller. The bearing was reinforced and built into the roller to prevent wear.  

KMC Kootrac
The versatile KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicle, which was originally designed to be a log skidder, has now been adapted to become a carrier for front or rear mounted mulcher attachment. The vehicle, when rigged with a rear mounted mulcher attachment, can be utilized for fuel reduction, fire reclamation, vegetation clearing and fireguard construction.

Power and control come together when excavator meets Baumalight BrushFire Mulchers. The bent axis piston motors are carrier matched to make the most efficient use of a machine’s hydraulic flow and pressure (25 to 70 gpm up to 4,000 psi). Its 48” rotor and 62 teeth will get the job done sooner rather than later.

The GT-25XP Brushcutter has a 270 horsepower Tier III Turbo Diesel driving four powerful hydraulic pumps, two drive motors, and two rotor motors in the 700HF cutter-head. Gyro-Trac’s brushcutters efficiently mulch trees and stumps to the ground, creating park-like effects, leaving fine, highly desirable, nutrient rich mulch on the ground.

Fecon (11)
Fecon’s new FTX128L is strong on cutting power with 60 gpm to the BullHog Forestry Mulcher and features 20” tracks that work effortlessly while cutting up hill. Low ground pressure at 3.8 psi is ideal for soft conditions resulting in minimal ground disturbance. Serviceability is easy with full access side doors and engine compartment roof. The Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine running at 128 hp and Fecon’s hydraulic technology allows the FTX128L to outperform some machines with higher horsepower.

Denis Cimaf (12)
DAH Forestry Mulchers use Denis Cimaf’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades, a design with numerous advantages. They offer variable displacement, axial-piston motors that minimize overheating problems and improve re-acceleration, and timing-belt drive to eliminate slippage. The DAH Forestry Mulcher is designed for intensive work, allowing for greater productivity.

ProMac (13)
Pro Mac rotary brushcutters are available in rotary and horizontal shaft models for mounting to excavators and backhoes in three sizes: 36”, 52” and 66”. They’re available with either two or three blades or standard mulching disc units. The rotary cutters can be set up to specific operator requirements, such as ground level clearing and cutting, and set up with a heavy-duty mulching disc to cut and mulch standing trees.

Bron (14)
With models from 275 to 700 hp, Bron has a range of efficient and powerful forestry mulchers. The Berco D3/D4 undercarriage features an oscillating front axle for improved stability. The Bron 275 maintains constant ground pressure for a better ride with less wear and tear. The newest Bron 275 mulchers come equipped with a Seppi Midiforst mulching head as well as ergonomic tilting cab and removable multi-section belly pans for ease of use and service.

Risley Equipment E-Clips EX300 Multi-Purpose BrushCutter, Mulcher and Stump Grinder is a High Drive Flex-Trac multi-purpose workhorse. Powering the EX300 is a 325 hp Cummins QSL tier III engine. The combination of “High and Live” allows for the high drive system to manage only the forces required to maneuver the machine and the lower track undercarriage manages the static and running live weight of the machine.

The Bradco Series II mulchers by Paladin Attachments attach to excavators, skid steers and forestry tractors to shred hardwood trees, brush and ground vegetation up to eight inches in diameter. Available in cutting widths of 36”, 60” and 72”, depending on the machine and application, they feature a heavy-duty bent-axis variable displacement piston motor that offers better performance on demand, prevents stalling under heavy loads and provides a quicker recovery time.


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