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Forsite partners with Ember Research to expand wildfire management services

April 12, 2021  By Forsite Consultants

From left to right: Randy Spyksma, Brad Armitage & Cam Brown. Photo courtesy Forsite Consultants.

Forsite Consultants Ltd. has entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Ember Research Services Ltd. to further our commitment to providing industry leading wildfire management services.

Ember has a team of highly experienced fire management personnel and is an industry recognized leader of wildfire management services. This strategic collaboration will align Ember’s technical fire modeling and fire behaviour expertise with Forsite’s forest and wildfire management services, supporting the continued growth of the next generation of wildfire management specialists and the ongoing development of innovative solutions in wildfire management.

This strategic collaboration will support Forsite in what has been our demonstrated focus for the last 35 years – that of maximizing value for our clients, supporting robust forest and land management decisions, including wildfire risk. This collaboration will allow us to further our services to governments, communities, utility companies, the forest sector and more, as they strive to understand and manage wildfire risk.

Forsite will continue to grow business areas where Ember is a recognized leader of wildfire management services, such as: fire weather and FWI and FBP System expertise; wildfire growth modeling using programs such as Prometheus and Burn-P3; detailed community exposure analysis; wildfire incident support for government agencies and private industry clients; expert witness reports and testimony; and as a source of highly experienced fire management personnel across the country, including fire behaviour specialists, fire weather forecasters and fire research technicians.


Forsite and Ember are committed to excellence and innovation in wildfire management through collaboration, growth and a focus on value for our clients.

“Forsite and Ember have been working together over the last few years providing innovative solutions to clients across Canada. We look forward to deepening this relationship for the purpose of supporting robust wildfire management decisions for our clients and opportunities for growth for our specialists and our business,” said Randy Spyksma, senior planner and risk management specialist, Forsite Consultants Ltd.

“The recent collaboration between Ember and Forsite has demonstrated the synergy of our respective skill sets – to the benefit of our government and private industry clients,” said Brad Armitage, fire behaviour specialist, Ember Research Services Ltd.

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