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Forwarder focus: the latest forwarders for moving Canadian wood

August 13, 2019  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff


Eco Log

The new Eco Log 594E (20 tonne) forwarder comes equipped with a new diesel engine from Volvo Penta. The six cylinder 873 D8 7.7-litre engines provide high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions. The new cab design offers the operator a new driver experience with large high-visibility windows, while the low-framed windows provide improved vision to the front wheels. IQAN MD4 equipped, the control system consists of a larger display with touch functionality and more integrated functions. The Cranab FC16 loaders are offered on all 594E forwarder models. As well as the standard equipment, forwarders may be ordered with various options to suit specific needs. Canadian Distributor: Scandinavian Forestry Inc. Moncton, N.B.



TimberPro TF830/840 forwarders feature the ingenious 360-degree rotation. TimberPro’s common sense approach to design continues with the use of the new Cummins Stage 5 High Performance L9 engine. This engine goes beyond Tier 4 with its simplistic design featuring a single can SCR. The new 338-hp Cummins engine with a strong and reliable drive line featuring a two-speed gearbox can be attached to either 20-tonne or optional 24-tonne HD bogie axles. On top of the stout frame and driveline sits a strong and robust boom set and operator cab featuring HO LED lighting and an IQAN MD4 control system.


Ponsse forwarders are powerful. With an extremely favourable ratio of weight to load bearing capacity, the smallest turning radius and dimensions that spread the weight evenly over all wheels, Ponsse forwarders are hard to beat. The cabin offers plenty of storage space, the most ergonomic controls available in the market and excellent visibility in every direction. Ponsse Active Crane offers a new way of controlling the loader and boosting efficiency. Instead of controlling individual functions, the operator controls the grapple movement.

John Deere

Available in a six-wheeled or eight-wheeled configuration, the 910G and 1010G Forwarders are designed to offer customizable solutions for every logging operation. The improved machine design includes a shorter frame, balanced bogie axles and rigid front axles on the six-wheeled models. The fixed or rotating and leveling cab is equipped with large windows and ergonomic armrests. Optional Intelligent Boom Control on the CF5 boom boosts productivity. Both models feature a high tractive force transmission, Adaptive Driveline Control and TimberMatic control system.


Tigercat competes in three forwarder classes. The 1055C is a 14-tonne capacity machine. The 1075C is a 20-tonne forwarder and the 1085C is rated to carry a massive 25-tonne load. Tigercat’s exclusive low-wide bunk system combined with the innovative hooked crane improves visibility and decreases load/unload cycles while reducing the chance of the crane contacting the gate or stakes. Productivity is further enhanced by Tigercat’s high capacity grapples and the quiet, ergonomic cab. The Tigercat WideRange transmission is used on the 1055C and 1085C. WideRange is an infinitely variable, single-speed transmission.


The Komatsu 895 Forwarder is a forwarding powerhouse featuring a robust chassis and 20-tonne high capacity bunk. Its powerful drivetrain has a high torque, fuel-efficient 282-hp engine, rugged HST transmission and Comfort Bogie portal axle design, which provides the ideal combination of traction, speed and comfort. The innovative FlexGate headboard absorbs jolts and shocks from the logs and crane. The modern, spacious cab provides excellent visibility in all directions and is loaded with operator comfort features, powerful crane options and HD grapples with ProTec hose protection.


Rottne F20D is a robust forwarder with a very large capacity, a full 20 tonnes distributed on up to 8.4 m2, which makes it perfect for transportation over long forwarding distances. Rottne F20D features an automatic transmission with a tractive force of a full 27 tonnes. This means that the Rottne F20D can maneuver in all types of terrain and can maintain a high driving speed even with maximum load. The RK160 crane has a valve package installed on the crane, close to the cylinders instead of on the machine chassis, which makes the crane really precise and energy efficient.

Sampo Rosenlew

The Sampo FR48 is a mid-size all-round forwarder with a load capacity of 12 tonnes. It is largely based on the 10-tonne load capacity FR28, sharing many common parts like the cabin, engine, hydrostat and work hydraulics. The middle joint is similar, but the bigger and stronger steering cylinders provide more turning torque. The rear frame has been extended, reinforced and redesigned to accommodate the bigger NAF balanced bogies. This, in combination with the larger 26.5-inch wheels, lowers the ground pressure, provides more tractive effort and improves the terrain capabilities. Depending on optional equipment, the operating weight is about 17,000 kg.


The Logset 12F GT is the biggest forwarder in the Logset range. This machine carries the highest possible timber volume. Thanks to the powerful 300-hp engine and the amplified tractive force of 250 kN, the Logset 12F GT is also the most efficient forwarder. The forwarder has improved new technology and lots of user-friendly features. The new patented deceleration assistant and protection system (DeX) allows outstanding performances in the most challenging terrain. This forwarder embraces all the things Logset values in the machine range: reliability, low running costs and enough power to enhance productivity without compromise.

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