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p15 CATCaterpillar
The latest addition to the Cat forwarder line, the 20-tonne Cat 584HD, is designed to carry large payloads long distances over difficult terrain, while providing operator comfort, controllability and serviceability. The 8-wheel drive forwarder features the 147 kW Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology providing fuel efficiency through high torque in the 1,400 to 1600 rpm range. Fuel efficiency is improved by the over-sized cooling fan, which has its own hydraulic pump that includes a speed control modulated by the forwarder control system. A field-proven hydrostatic propel system provides maximum power on grade through a wide engine rpm and ground speed range, resulting in infinitely variable speeds at peak power and dynamic braking on steep terrain. The blade with wear resistant front cutting edge is purpose-built for clearing trails and pushing forest debris out of the way. The crane is one of the strongest on the market. The comfortable, quiet cab features automatic temperature controls, low-effort ergonomic joystick controls and storage compartments. Side windows extend below seat level for ground visibility close to the cab. The cab is roomy enough for the operator to easily swing around in the seat to run the loader.

p15 EcoLogEco Log
The 564C is a mid-size forwarder combining maneuverability with a 12-tonne load class and ideal for soft and difficult terrain thanks to its portal NAF bogies, which optimize wheel contact and tractive effort (150 kN). The 574C has a 14-tonne loading capacity and can be manufactured to a minimum width of only 2.61 metres, but remains stable and has extendable bunks as standard equipment. The 594C has19.5 tonnes of loading capacity, 24 tonnes tractive effort, and 7 m² of loading area, despite only weighing 20,000 kg tare weight, and features an approach angle of 43° and a 44° mid-joint steering angle. All Eco Log C-Forwarders have a hydrostatic-mechanical transmission and Rexroth hydraulic and hydrostatic pumps and motors.

p15 JohnDeereJohn Deere
John Deere’s 1910E forwarder is designed for operator comfort, and has the power for tough terrain and heavy loads. The biggest member of the E-Series forwarders, the 1910E delivers increased load rating with the ability to handle 19-ton loads. With 250 horsepower and a tractive effort of 220kN, it also provides more engine power and greater tractive force than previous models. The new CF8 boom delivers accurate boom control and high lifting and slewing torques for more efficient loading and unloading. This combination of power, tractive force and size suits the 1910E for steep slopes and large timber. Other than delivering power, its productivity also revolves around operator safety and comfort to ensure faster loading cycles. The 1910E has a rotating and smooth-leveling cab that is also spacious and quiet for increased comfort. In comparison to a conventional forwarder cabin, the revolving cab turns 290 degrees, providing 360-degree visibility of the surroundings and boom movements to allow for safe, efficient log loading. The cab beats operator fatigue with ergonomic armrests and ample storage, a fully adjustable air-cushioned seat, and an automated climate-control system.

p15 KomatsuKomatsu
Komatsu’s largest and most powerful forwarder, the 890.3, is designed for heavy and demanding final logging. The maneuverable crane offers highlifting power or slewing torque and features Komatsu’s ProTec hose protection system. With its environmentally friendly Tier 3 engine and optimized power-to-cylinder size ratio, the 890.3 is suited for tough terrain. The 890.3 also boasts high stability from its unique articulated design, featuring a hydraulic articulation lock. Servicing is also made easier thanks to centralized lubrication points. A full 18 tonnes of load capacity with the LoadFlex bunk option makes loading, driving, and unloading faster than ever. Inside the cab, the MaxiForwarder control system optimizes all functions and provides extensive status and production reports.

p15 LogSetLogset
The 10F Titan is the big brother of the Logset Titan forwarder series. The 10F Titan has been designed to withstand even the hardest conditions and is ideally suited for the long hauls. The expandable load bay can be widened by 60 cm and has a hydraulic tail section, which provides an extra length of 70 cm if needed. Despite of the large capacity and power, the fuel economy has been optimized through the TOC-system (Total Operator Control). The TOC system, together with the Agco Sisu engine, optimizes the fuel injection in accordance with the prevailing engine load, hydraulic pressure and flow requirements, in all possible circumstances. The10F also has a new spacious cabin: special attention has been paid to the ergonomics and user friendliness. The visibility is unobstructed in all directions. The high quality interior, fully automatic climate control and effective sound insulation guarantee the best possible driver comfort. Storage room in the cabin has been one of the top priorities and still the driver has more than enough space to manoeuvre easily in the wide cabin.

p15 PonssePonsse
The Ponsse ElephantKing forwarder is an ideal machine for demanding conditions and heavy loads. The high tractive force, a powerful engine and a staggering 20-tonne carrying capacity guarantee efficient timber transportation on both steep sites and over long haul distances. The ElephantKing boasts a very powerful Ponsse K100+ loader, a load space with a cross-sectional area of 6.25 m2 and a flexible drive transmission and loader control system. Durable frame structure, strong bogies, and sturdy cylinder-powered frame oscillation lock, complete with high ground clearance, improve reliability even under difficult operating conditions. The Ponsse forest machine cabin offers comfort, safety and ergonomics. The quiet cabin, detailed design of the control devices and clear control panel along with the air conditioning and heating system dimensioned for demanding conditions all play a key role in productive operation.

p15 RottneRottne
New to Canada, the F18 is a large forwarder with a load capacity of 18 tonnes, providing more efficient transport for long forwarding distances. Adjustable load area is also available as an optional extra. The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel. The wagon is available in two frame lengths and the load area has a very low centre of gravity. The Rottne F18 has a well-balanced power train with a diesel engine that can be run at a low working engine speed, as it achieves maximum torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm.  The transmission is hydrostatic with two hydraulic motors in a 3-speed automatic gearbox that allows gear changing when fully loaded, and with a tractive force of 22 tonnes, a high speed can be maintained even at maximum load. The hydraulically controlled gate allows the wagon to be adapted for short timber lengths for optimum weight distribution and stability. Bunks for a width-adjustable load area are available as an optional extra.

p15 TanguayTanguay/TimberPro
The Tanguay TG88 track forwarder is available as a clambunk or “L Boom” grapple configuration with a payload capacity of 35 tons. Powered by a 400 hp engine, the eight-wheel drive TG88E comes with a choice of track width up to 60 inches wide for low ground pressure. Maneuverability and traction are courtesy of the 100% hydrostatic drive for minimal ground disturbance. Both models are effective and safe to skid in challenging steep slopes, wet and deep snow logging conditions where it is not possible to consider conventional ground base skidding.

p15 TimberProThe TimberPro TF800B series has the ability to work 360-degrees around the machine, which allows the operator to fix or mat heavily used skid trails and retrieve wood from difficult to reach areas. This same 360-degree work area allows the TF800B – COMBO machine to be an effective harvester and forwarder. The TimberPro TF840B forwarder with its powerful drive train can be transformed into a clam bunk skidder for tree length operations. It is available with an optional four-foot longer rear frame and custom long length wood basket to forward long length logs. The cab forward design and centred steering joint allows the TF800B series to have a very tight turning circle with no off tracking. The operator swings with the boom, making the machine an extra loader at the landing.

p18 Tigercat2Tigercat
Tigercat builds two forwarder models, the 14-tonne 1055B and the 20-tonne 1075B. The 1055B is well suited to plantations, sensitive sites, selective and final felling and biomass/chipping applications. It has strong frames, large pins and steer cylinders and a durable centre section with tapered roller bearings in the articulation and oscillation joints. The 1075B is Tigercat’s highest capacity forwarder. It is well suited to the most demanding final fell applications in extreme terrain and sensitive sites. The 1075B forwarder has strong frames, large pins and steer cylinders and a durable centre section with tapered roller bearings in the articulation and oscillation joints. Most of the B-series improvements have taken place in the cab. Sound levels are under 66 decibels at full 2,200 rpm engine speed. Visibility, lighting, climate control and defogging capability have all been enhanced. The cabin interior finish has been significantly upgraded with improved ergonomics and an automotive style finish. The joystick pods are easier to operate with only one function per control. The potentiometer (controlling maximum speed) is helpful in tough terrain. Operators will immediately notice increased comfort levels and reduced fatigue over long shifts.

November 29, 2012  By Canadian Forest Industries

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