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FPInnovations supports Quebec Wood Charter

May 3, 2013, Que. – FPInnovations now supports the Quebec Wood Charter. The charter's primary focus is to increase wood construction in Quebec, and will support the construction of five and six storey wooden residential buildings that FPInnovations' experts will provide design guidelines for.

"We support the government's vision and will continue to work closely with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and the Ministry of Natural Resources to make this vision a reality," said Pierre Lapointe, president and CEO of FPInnovations.

The Quebec government permitting the residential buildings' construction opens a large market for both the primary and secondary solid wood industry.

Research shows that wood is a safe, economic and environmentally sound structural material in the construction of mid-rise residential and public buildings. As cities face problems related to urban spread and increases in greenhouse gases, FPInnovations says that the use of wood in residential construction may become an important element of a sustainable solution.

Because of wood's capacity to trap carbon dioxide, it has a small environmental footprint. The construction of these residential buildings can help to enable the densification of cities, reducing urban spread, while using a natural material that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The announcement mas made by, Mme Martine Ouellet, the minister of natural resources and Mme Agnès Maltais, the minister of labour, minister of employment and social solidarity, and minister responsible for the status of women.


May 3, 2013  By FPInnovations

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