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FSC launches mediation in Canada

December 17, 2015 - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) International is convening a mediation process to bring together stakeholders in a spirit of collaboration, to address issues raised recently in Canada, particularly in Quebec and in Ontario, about FSC certification.

Over the last two years, significant areas of FSC certified forests were suspended in Canada mainly because of lack of consent from First Nations, and also because of inadequate forest management plans for species at risk, namely woodlands caribou in the Canadian boreal forest. Most of these suspended or terminated FSC certificates are held by Resolute Forest Products (Resolute FP).

Based on a continued lack of dialogue between Resolute FP and its stakeholders, FSC believes that this mediation will lead to constructive solutions and restore trust between First Nations, unions, communities, environmental groups and Resolute FP.

The mediation will focus on Quebec where the government's role is key. The scope of the mediation process is to find common ground on which to resolve issues related to First Nations' free, prior and informed consent and the woodland caribou habitat recovery plan. The primary focus will be on the suspended Lac St-Jean FSC certificate and the terminated Mistassini FSC certificates. FSC believes this mediation could also help other forest management units impacted by similar issues in the area.

"FSC's goal is to provide the framework for a viable environment, securing sustainable employment while protecting the forest and upholding aboriginal and community rights," said Kim Carstensen, director general for FSC International.

FSC believes that the strengthening of its certification standard, particularly within the Canadian boreal forest, will enhance Canada's international standing and credibility as a supplier of forest products from responsible sources.

December 17, 2015  By CNW/FSC

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