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Government invests in climate change adaptation in Atlantic Canada’s forest sector

April 15, 2019
By Ellen Cools

The federal government has announced a $300,000 investment in the University of New Brunswick (UNAB) for a climate change adaptation project. The project will study the socio-economic costs and benefits of adapting to climate-induced changes (for example, drought and wind) in Atlantic Canada’s forests.

The results will ultimately help those in the industry and forestry communities, including Indigenous peoples, plan and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The university will also determine how adaptation, such as assisted species migration and management practices, could help forests continue to sustain the economy and local communities.

According to a news release, the funding comes from Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Program.

“Funding from Natural Resources Canada provides UNB with the ability to assemble a team of experts to research the impacts of climate change on forests and the best way to adapt to ensure our forests will continue to provide the wide array of ecological goods and services that society depends on,” said Dr. Van Lantz, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick, in a statement.


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1 Comment » for Government invests in climate change adaptation in Atlantic Canada’s forest sector
  1. Rick Downing says:

    Actually, the results of this study won’t help anyone plan or adapt to anything, because the results will be useless. Why? because you can’t control or predict weather or nature in the ways that governments want us to believe. The day you accept that man can control evolving/changing climate conditions by manipulating environmental gases like CO2, methane and water vapor, you will have been delusioned by the most mind-numbing propaganda program that has ever been established under the socialist movement. The only ones who will benefit from this study are the University and the overpaid professors, who will receive a payday from the funding. For your foolishness in believing this BS, you won’t even get an accurate five day weather forecast for your local area.

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