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Grade projector displays lumber grades with no marking

July 20, 2016 – USNR’s new grade projector system is an innovative way to display lumber grades on boards as they pass by check graders.

July 21, 2016  By USNR

The system uses a projector mounted above the flow to project the grade determined by the optimizer directly onto each board. It tracks that projection with the board as it passes by check graders.

All saw lines including near end, far end, and cut-in-two are projected onto the material in their respective locations, making it easy to view trim decisions. Multiple grades can be projected onto the material to display multi-grade cut-in-two decisions.

Projections are highly accurate and able to track material on smooth chain or lugged chain. They also detect skewed material and adjust appropriately.

Projecting grades onto boards leaves planed lumber clean and mark-free.


For more information visit www.usnr.com.

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